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    Sewing Room Size -

    I'm trying to decide which end of of the studio my future long arm will go. Plan is for a 12 ft Millie, with fabric advance. Hubby just took out a wall for me so now my room is approx 24 ft long, with a window on each end. One end of the room is 10 ft across, and the other is only 8.5ft across.. My preference, if it can make it work, is to put the longarm in the narrower end, as I will have just a bit more clearance for where the 2 doors come in, but also a bigger leftover space for a sewing room....the more space the better! (and I guess I can always switch it around down the road if it really doesn't work.) Yes, there are 2 doors side by side, about the middle of the long wall and I plan on keeping them both for resale, as these are the 2 biggest upstairs bedrooms in my house. If the wall needs to go back up, it is an easy-ish fix. Dawn said in an earlier post the minimum for width was 8ft. So with 8.5....guessing 2 feet on back, 1.5 on front? Can this width be done without casters? Does anyone else manage with such a narrow space? Is it possible to use carsters/sliders as well as hydraulics? Philippa.