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  1. I have just bought a computerized program for my APQS and I am selling all my R & S and other brand groovy boards . I also have about 20 pantograph scrolls. the hartley base extender and a variety of rulers. All are slightly used. Please call if interested. 325- 829-1595, Nancy Harper
  2. Thanks for the info Connie. that is what I was wondering. Nancy
  3. I am considering getting Intelliquilter and not sure if I want IQ Classic with the 12" screen or the IQ Classic Lt with the 10' screen. There is about a thousand dollars difference. Just wondering if there is that much difference or it just a matter of a smaller screen? The dealership is pushing the larger screen of course. A friend of mine has the smaller screen and seems to be happy with that. Anybody out there have a preference? I am also thinking I may need to get my machine tuned up before attaching the IQ. I have had it for three years and use it in my garage studio, which gets quite hot when I am out of town for weeks at a time. Nancy
  4. What requirements do you have for people who bring you donation quilts. Our guild was having a goal of 50 smaller than twin size quilts for a local charity. I offered to do them for 15.00 a piece and that would be my donation. I would do as many as I could squeeze in to my schedule. I was glad I could get to 11. I wasn't afraid of getting too swamped since there are so many in the guild that have LA's and we had 3 months. What I didn't expect was the shape of things they brought me. I didn't expect to do pressing out hard wrikles and trimming really crooked backings and battings just so I could load them on the frame. It seems like they would have a little respect for me since I am saving them money on their quilts. One ladies batting had so many different types of batting pieced together it was like a jigsaw puzzle and of course not smooth. She brought 3 quilts and one of them had the selvage with the fabric info on it, pieced in the middle of the quilt. I thought she must be a beginner, but when she came to pickthem up I saw the quilted jacket she had made with very accurage 1/2 matched squares. Why do people want to use junk for their donation quilts? After I got her quilt tops I sent an email to the guild members asking them to prepare their tops, battings and backings so all I have to do is load them on my frames and quilt them. I told them that although I was just charging them 15.00, I was not just doing a 15.00 job. On several of them I went out of my way to do a custom job. I also trimmed them for them after I quilted them. I will see if any of them come back later for me to do their quilts. I will also pay attention at the next guild meeting to see if all of them arrive. Thanks for all the tips that you all have given about charity quilts.
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