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  1. There's also a Homesteader on Longarm University
  2. Take a look here:
  3. You might want to contact him---he always seems to have some machines/tables available. You can ask him what he has and price.
  4. Dave Jones is Deloa Jones' husband. He travels all around the US servicing machines, delivering machines, etc. He also will cut down a table if it's too big for your space, etc. With my original ULT, he picked up my machine, serviced it, cut down my table, added quilt advance, added ruler foot, delivered it, set it up, etc.
  5. It's a 2007 Millennium. I was all set(pretty much phone in hand) to call Nolting and make arrangements to have a SR put on my ULT and then slowly upgrade other things i.e. front handles, etc., when the ad on this site for the "storm sale Millie" popped up. I immediately contacted the person posting the listing and she sent me pictures and we conversed. She didn't want to mess with "clean, service, and repair(if need be), and insurance gave her enough to order a new machine. The room where the machine lived had the windows blown out, so it had some dried on mud/dirt. Not bad at all in my opinion. She did turn the machine on and it powered up and she ran a few stitches and sent the video. I called and sent pictures to Dave Jones---he said "buy it". so I did. I had Dave pick it up, clean it up, run diagnostics, and deliver to me---it was well worth every penny that he charged to do that as I didn't have to make arrangements for renting a truck/trailer or shipping, worry about clean up, take time to go get the machine, etc. I was willing to take a chance. The only thing that is "iffy" are the encoders----I will use the machine until they "croak", and then I'll have those replaced. I'm only going to run the SR when I absolutely have to. By having the ULT without SR, I was pretty much able to control my stitches. I am thrilled to have found a machine that I could afford, my Ult is in a new home, and I'm sure this will be the last machine I ever own(unless I would ever be lucky enough to win one in a giveaway). I am hoping and praying that this decision will prove to be the right one for me, as anything above of about $1000 in cost and to pay in cash, makes me shake in my boots. But, I know APQS stands behind their machines, even though I am no longer the original owner, plus, I'm familiar with the machine. I believe that prayer helped, and I "just happened" to be on the computer at the right time! So that's it---my "new(er) to me machine. Now, to REALLY start playing!!!!
  6. Thanks everyone for your responses. I, indeed, have found a new(er) to me machine.
  7. This machine has SOLD. The original poster tried to edit listing, but couldn't get "edit" to work.
  8. As I thought, answers are all over the board---maybe I just need to work with the machine a little more to determine if I REALLY need the SR. The ONLY decision I've made is whether I upgrade my ULT or go with a new(er) machine, it will be my last time to upgrade and I will die having fun quilting so maybe it doesn't much matter if I upgrade the ULT or go new(er) in the long run.
  9. I have an ULT 1 w/o SR. I have toyed with either upgrading to a different machine(ISO ad on forum now), or adding SR. I LOVE my machine, have the table how I want it, and I have received some great advice from Zeke and Jim. Are there those of you who have SR but rarely or never use it on free motion, ruler work, or pantos? I only quilt for myself and charity and am basically a beginner. I do well without a SR so that's the question. I've been told, you can live without it and it is a "pricey" add on. Others have said it is worth it and probably would be most cost effective in the long run than trying to find another machine. I know that SR would make it easier for ruler work, etc, but is it absolutely necessary? I took a class from Dusty Farrell and asked him and he said he rarely ever uses the SR---even for ruler work. Adding IS(Nolting will add it) would "cure" most of my issues with the ULT(needle down option). I also like the way it will start when I move and stop when I stop and has a true basting stitch. What about the rest of you out there? Do you use your SR a lot or only sometimes? If so, when do you find you use it the most? Thanks in advance of any advice and suggestions. Barbara
  10. Bump---anybody know of anyone who has a system within driving distance of Colorado Springs?
  11. Still looking for an older Lucey, Freedom or Millennium(in that order). Might consider un-stitch regulated Lucey or Freedom if price is right. Have 5-6K to spend for complete system. If you are upgrading, please let me know. Would prefer NOT to go outside a 12 hr. radius from Colorado Springs, CO
  12. Thanks, Charlene for the offer. You are right, this is more than what I can or want to spend. And even though an Intelliquilter might be great to have, it would prove to be one extra thing that I would have to sell, and my ULT might be hard enough to sell with everybody(including me) thinking they need to have a SR.
  13. A little background. I already own an ULT 1--I LOVE the machine, BUT, there are a few things I would LOVE to have--SR, laser light, upgraded wheels. I have received some very good advice from Jim and Zeke here on the board(thank you). Before I go down the path of upgrading my ULT, I thought I'd see if anybody has or knows of someone who has an older Millie, Freedom, or Lucey. The reason I say "older" is that I am retired and do not have a lot of disposable income so price does come into play. I do not quilt for others---only for myself and charity. I am willing to drive within a day from Colorado Springs, CO--12 hours at the most. Obviously, I'd prefer 4-6 hours and the states surrounding Colorado. I don't need all the "extras" that come many times with machines, i.e. thread, panto's, etc. Although that would be nice, I realize that just adds cost to the machine. As I see it, I have several options: 1. Get the upgrades mentioned above for my ULT---I already have the size table I want plus I have fabric advance on the table now. By adding the SR, laser, new wheels, I would have about $3500 more into the machine. Not sure this is a wise use of money, but I am kind of attached to this machine as the ULT is such a workhorse. I do well without SR, and realize that most of the time I probably would not need to run the SR, but there are a few times that SR would be really convenient to have. 2. Find someone who LOVES their table, but would be willing to sell me their Millie, Freedom, or Lucey machine head ---of course, I would need the needed encoders etc. 3. Sell my machine, and put that $$ toward an upgrade of a Millie, Freedom, or Lucey. I don't have room for a 14 ft. table--12ft. is pushing it with the fabric advance, but I could make it work. 4. And as a LAST resort, sell my machine and put that money toward a different brand machine. My first choices for other brands are Innova, Nolting, but I'd entertain a Gammill, A-1, or Prodigy(as long as they are at least 26" throat or more). I have found some machines, but most are completely out of my budget, are 20+ hours away by car, or I have been "a day late" as the saying goes. If anybody has or knows of anyone with a machine(or might in the future) that might fit my parameters, please PM me the information. I'm willing to wait for the "right" machine to come my way, although I'd like to work on upgrading my ULT or finding a machine within the next several months. If anybody has words of wisdom of what they might do, I'm all ears. I vacillate from one day to another: one day I think I'll just upgrade my ULT and then other days, I think it might be "wiser" and more prudent to upgrade all the way around. At the "getting up there in age" stage of life that I am in, I won't be upgrading again in my lifetime once I find the "perfect" machine for me---whether that be by upgrading my ULT or acquiring another machine. Thanks so much.
  14. I'm interested in all---please send me info. I have PM you.