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  1. Hi, I have had a couple of accidents the last few quilts - once my husband was trimming threads underneath a top and he accidentally put a slit in the top, of course in a solid piece that really shows after I used a little fabric glue to repair it. Another time a needle broke while my Intelliquilter was running, and before we could stop it the broken needle frayed the fabric; she can put a label over it on the back, but it does show on the front. My question is, how much discount should I give for this type of thing? Should I just not charge them for any of the quilting? I was wondering if
  2. Hi, I’ve had some needle breaks on quilts lately while running with Intelliquilter and am not sure why. My husband and I checked everything out and it doesn’t fit the criteria for retiming. The quilts with the problems have had lots of pinwheels and stars with heavy seams but I don’t remember this many problems before, and I’ve had plenty of quilts of that type. I use a new needle on every quilt, Groz-Beckert 4.0 MR size 18. The worst part is that the IQ keeps going after it breaks and the broken shaft of the needle pounds down on the quilt before I can get it stopped, resulting in a few
  3. We had a bad thread break and now when the needle goes down it hits into the bobbin assembly. Can't get hold of APQS and I had read that you shouldn't retime without their sayso, but I can't believe it's anything else. Advice? Thanks!
  4. Hi, when I test my Magna-Glide Delight magnetic bobbins (which are pretty all I use) on my Towa gauge, the needle will not hold steady but jumps around. I'm using it as per their instructions and I've checked numerous videos to make sure I'm doing it correctly. I've also made absolutely sure that my bobbin case doesn't have any lint or dirt under the bobbin case finger. I do sometimes wind my own, and the Towa gauge needle is steady when I test those. Is the jumping around normal for magnetic bobbins, and if so, how do I tell when I've got it where I want it? TIA.
  5. Hi, do any of you know the recommended Towa gauge tension range for an L Magna-Glide Delight bobbin? Superior Threads has a guide but they don't sell the magnetic bobbins. I know Also, Jamie Wallen says you should be able to flip the bobbin up but not lift it, but I don't see how that could apply to the magnetic bobbins since the magnet holds it. Also, does wool batting affect bobbin tension? Thanks for your help and advice in advance!
  6. Sharon, thank you - I was thinking big pins would be faster but didn't count on the huge creases. How far apart do you pin? Thanks again, Kathy B.
  7. Hi, I bought some honking big curved safety pins to pin my backing to my zippers. However, when I unrolled it this morning the backing had big pin creases in it. Questions: 1. How far apart do you pin them? 2. Also, what size safety pin is best? 3. I pinned the backing with the fabric on top of the zipper tape. Would it help if I pinned the backing with the zipper tape on top of the backing fabric? Hope this question makes sense. Thanks, everyone! Kathy Baumbusch
  8. Hi, I can't remember if there is a preferred way to put a partially-quilted quilt onto zippers after you took it off. I can find plenty of videos about how to sew the zippers to the leaders, etc., but not anything about this topic. Thanks!
  9. Thanks all, I guess I've been doing it right! Good to know. Thanks, sometimes these quilts are just too friendly!! Kathy B.
  10. Hi, all, has anyone ever added extra batting underneath parts of a quilt on the frame because, no matter what. it won't steam or lay flat? If so, do you use batting tape or just lay it in there? I get fooled sometimes when I lay a top out as to how it will behave at the borders. TIA, Kathy Baumbusch
  11. HI, I'm having the same problem intermittently, the picture above looks like what I'm getting. Also my bobbin thread seems to be shredding a times. So I pulled and pushed on the center post and it didn't move but I heard a metallic rattling noise and it seems to jiggle just a little but hardly any. How much movement are we talking about here? TIA, Kathy Baumbusch The Quilting Frolic, LLC
  12. Hi, does anyone who quilts for others block a quilt for them before quilting if it's really wavy, and if so how much do you charge? Thanks! Kathy Baumbusch The Quilting Frolic, LLC
  13. I've read posts on whether people baste an entire quilt or not, but I was taught to baste as you advance. I've often thought it would maybe be faster to just baste the whole thing before quilting it but I was afraid that as the quilt draws up during the quilting process it could cause problems. Any advice?
  14. So I was surprised to read that quilting service 'donations' can't be used as tax deductions?? I'm in Kentucky, is this a state-by-state thing or is it a federal thing? Can you tell me the reference? I'm asking because my husband was telling me to keep track of the charity quilts I've done for tax purposes. I only do 1 QOV per quarter and I've done a couple of small ones for friends. Surprising how people view longarm businesses, they should come in and do one of their own so they can see what's involved!
  15. Hi, all, I had an older Intelliquilter book before I got the wonderful new one from Linda Miller, and I have lost it. Does anyone know the author's name and the title, and if it's still available? I'd like to get another copy if possible. The book's cover was sort of sepia/beige tones. Thanks for any help! Kathy B. The Quilting Frolic, LLC
  16. Hi, I'm getting ready to move my Freddie to some rented space. I have IQ on it. Are there any special things I should do when I disassemble the machine for transport? Thanks for any suggestions! Kathy B.
  17. Appreciate all the advice. I definitely think I will lay out and measure while they’re there now, and will NOT try to be so obliging (i.e., wimpy!!) This has been a real learning experience for me.
  18. Hi, I just posted a similar question before seeing this, but will I sound too dumb if I admit I don’t know what everyone means when they say they trim down to 1/4 or 1/2 inch? Does it mean to leave 1/4 or 1/2 inch of batting sticking out? Confusedly. Kathy B.
  19. That’s BALKED at getting new backing - dumb autocorrect!
  20. Hi, got a T-shirt quilt from a customer and first problem was she gave me backing same size as top. They baked at getting new backing, so we agreed I’d trim top and I told her I’d trim as little as possible. So I jumped in and measured from the T-shirt edges on each side to end up cutting 4 inches off each border. Quilted it and laid it out on floor, and only then noticed a bulge on one side where they hadn’t pieced it straight. Having measured from the piecing on that side, the border was also curved and quilted in. AAARRGH! Then I ended up trimming the whole thing because I realized
  21. I will rethread and see if it helps, thanks! Kathy B.
  22. Has anyone seen this type of thing before? It's almost like it's trying to do a zigzag, albeit a very blunt one......I hope attached picture shows what I mean. Thanks, Kathy B.
  23. Thanks for the info and advice. I decided to quilt around the heads and tails, this will be my first try doing individual blocks. Thanks again! Kathy
  24. Hi, I know IQ will allow you to do no-sew zones around appliqués and embroidery, but I've got a lady's quilt that has blocks with turtles having flaps for the heads and tails. Does this sound like something that should even be attempted with IQ?
  25. Now I have another question - when doing a test sew with prewound Glide bobbins before doing an IQ pantograph, do I test it manually? Or should I do a quick IQ test? Don't have that much room on the side of quilts to really do much testing with the IQwith IQ especially if it's a big size block. Would that make any difference? Does this make any sense? What is the meaning of life??