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  1. YES!! This is it!! Are you interested in selling it? (Can you hear the excitement in my head!!! Lol)
  2. Thanks for the feedback Cagey. I have been corresponding with Angie in the office and it is being narrowed down to possibly the control box. I agree with you that the motor should be okay if it is only one pedal acting up. I’ll let everyone know what it turns out to be so that we can all learn from it.
  3. Thanks Gail O. I did contact them and it is now out of print, so I thought I would reach out to the quilting community. Cast a wide net
  4. I have recently seen a quilt (Baltimore Beauty type) called Homeland by P3 Designs. I fell in love with it and really want to make it. I am not able to find it at all. If someone has one kicking around that they would be willing to sell, please contact me. Thank you.
  5. I have pulled out the brush, and I’m not sure how long it is supposed to be. I am thinking that wear might be the culprit because the green pedal works, but the white one doesn’t. Does anyone know the measurement of a functional brush?
  6. Does anyone know if there is a link to a video or instructions for installing a Hartley Fence? I bought one well over a year ago, but haven’t yet installed it. I have searched the APQS Forum and You Tube without success. Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much to you all for your suggestions. I will try these tips to see if I can get things back on track. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  8. My white pedal on the auto-advance has had intermittent issues with not functioning at all. When this happens the white switch on the unit also does not work. I really don’t know what kind of repair shop to take it to? Or, if this is something that I would have to deal with directly with APQS? Has anyone had this trouble? Can you offer any suggestions?
  9. Thank you ladies. This is very stressful as a new quilter! I don't want to ruin this pretty quilt. I appreciate the answers you've taken the time to post and I will also do a search within the forum!!
  10. I am quilting a quilt that has been beautifully pieced...but the borders are bountiful. I am a relatively new quilter and have not really learned how to deal with this. I am almost at the end and of course...now I have this extra fabric to deal with. Are there any tricks?? Whatever you can offer would be greatly appreciated!! :-)
  11. Hello Meg...I will give you a call tomorrow evening. I work late today then have a number of appoinments. Will that work for you? Shawna
  12. I am just getting started and would like to buy any supplies someone may be trying to get rid of. Bobbins (L), pantographs, rulers, etc. Thanks...Shawna
  13. I have just started long arm quilting. I have successfully finished two small quilts with cotton backings. A friend gave me a small quilt to finish and provided fleece backing...which is very stretchy in one direction!! Which way do I load this type of fabric, with the stretch on the rollers or along the length of the frame?? I would hate to destroy her beautiful quilt!
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