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  1. I’m using the Groz-Beckett 110/18 4.0. Is this the same? I use glide thread all the time I can’t roll up the collage at all! It’s so stiff, it’s like cardboard.
  2. Second time trying to free-motion (Millie) a collage top where the customer has used steam-a-seam and I can only stitch very slow and only go forward or to the right. Going backwards, stitches will skip. But if I’m stitching forward then need to turn right (outlining a nose for example) my needle will break and I will get a small tear in the backing! I’m going very very slow The collage may have up to four layers of Steam-a-seam. I would like to finish quilting this top, what can I do to stop the needle breaking (hopefully no more holes in the backing)? I have no problem when customers use either wonder-under or Soft Fuse. Lynda Millie since 2014
  3. So i replaced both fuses and the machine works!!! Need to always keep spare ones..
  4. Thanks, I've sent an email to service and re-posted under the help forum.
  5. My 2014 Millie is having a problem. I have power but the machine will not go. All controls on the handles do not work and I noticed that the Right Hand indicator lights are off. The power outlet is fine, no tripped breaker. Powered off the machine form five minutes, unplugged and re-plugged the machine with no change. I checked the fuses (there are two if you live in Canada) and they look fine. I was stitching like a crazy woman trying to get a customers' quilt done. Any suggestions?
  6. My right hand indicator lights are all off!! and Millie will not run! I understand the right hand lights are for the handles and the handles do not work! I was working like a demon today trying to get a customer quilt done and when I stopped stitching and moved to a new area, nothing would work. I have powered off the machines for over 5 minutes, checked both fuses (live in Canada) and the fuses look ok. What else can I check?
  7. Many thanks for the comments. I had verified several times that the top thread is between the tension disks and I must have re-threaded my machine at least 4 - 5 times.. I wasn't meant to quilt last night I will try again after work. Sending the gremlins to the north pole so they can annoy Santa
  8. I'm going crazy! I quilted on my Millie all day yesterday. Had some preliminary tension issues but was able to adjust the top tension with no further problems. After work today I wanted to finish the quilting and the tension is horrible!! The top tension is very loose! The only difference is I turned off the machine last night and turned it back on tonight . No one touched the machine while I was at work unless I have goblins in the house. I'm using magna bobbins and glide tec thread. I put in a fresh needle yesterday before starting this quilt and oiled/cleaned Millie. Should I be cleaning the tension disks? Comments/suggestions Thanks
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