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  1. thank you all again for your input and replies, I appreciate it very much. Jim, I did just have my machine serviced a few weeks ago as I wanted to make sure my problem wasn't a mechanical issue...I left a phone message for them right after to discuss the issue and have never had a reply, that being said, I believe the check spring is working correctly. Cagey, good point about right to left vs. left to right - I am still used to starting on the left of the quilt and stitching to the right and yes this is when it occurs. I can sew my tension test in the extra batting and backing and all is good and as soon as I start on the actual quilt I then get the issue.... as this is a very crucial issue and it really does need to be fixed as I feel it's kind of unacceptable for a pretty much brand new machine I will have to put in another call/email to Dawn at APQS. I have mentioned it to her previously however it was at the time....not my biggest issue but now it really has become a total pain. thanks again and if and when I find out the solution I will be sure to post in case others are having the same issue. have a great weekend!
  2. Hi all, yes I do warm up my machine before I start. Yes I have tried a different bobbin case, yes I clean and oil between each and every bobbin. I have also tried holding the tails, tie offs, not tying off and sewing in the excess batting and backing before starting into the row, none of this makes a difference, I have sewn for a full 15 inches in the batting backing and then started into my row and still had the problem, hmmm? any other thoughts?
  3. Hi Jim, thanks for your reply. the Filtec bobbins are magnetized so no there is no backlash spring in my bobbin case or sides of any kind on the bobbins but it honestly doesn't matter....even if I use a bobbin case with a backlash spring and wind my own bobbins it still happens, EVERY combination of thread or batting I use the problem stays the same regardless of any combination of anything whatsoever, therefore my need to post about the issue. I have already tried everything I can possibly imagine. bobbin barf is a birds nest of top thread on the bottom...
  4. I have had my Millie since February and it does not matter what batting or thread (quilt path or freemotion, tie offs or no tie offs) I use in any combination whatsoever.....the first four or five or even sometime 8 inches at the beginning of a row of sewing is "bobbin barf"???? once it gets going it's totally fine but the first little bit of almost every single row is garbage and has to be frogged and resewn. I am at the end of my rope as to why this is happening? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I had a gammill for 8 years and NEVER ran into this issue until I bought my millie so I have to guess this is machine specific????? Of course I know you will all ask anyway so just so you know I am using filtec prewound bobbins and batting to date that this issue occurs with is all three of the following: hobbs 80/20, warm and natural and bamboo. thanks in advance.
  5. Hi again, yes I am on the QP facebook group, thank you for that - I guess I should dig around there a bit more to see what I can find. played a tiny bit this afternoon but still very cautious of course as there is so much to learn. One thing that really tweaked my curiousity was the "quilt thickness" button???? no way jose, seriously? how does that work? Is QP truly capable of adjusting to the thickness or thinness of a quilt without adjusting the hopping foot? I will try it out but thought a technical answer would be very enlightening thanks again, Tanya
  6. Thank you Barb!! I never would have thought to look there Tanya Smyth Too many irons in the fire Millie w/quilt path
  7. off to a bad start - sorry - trying to set my roll diameter reading from a document provided called "before sewing with Quilt path" so looking for a pre designed quilt layout called cat and ball and the document I am in possession of says it's here somewhere on the forum... Thanks, Tanya
  8. hi all, so here I am desperately trying to get set up on my brand new millie and quilt path...I am supposed to set up my "roll diameter" using the cat and ball quilt layout but I can't find the file on the forum. can someone please help me? thanks so much in advance, Tanya Smyth APQS Millie Turner Valley, AB
  9. I must be doing something wrong but the links you all mention are not working for me. would someone be so kind as to forward the link for the "signatures" directly to my email address? corral31@telus.net I thought I signed up for a "daily digest" for this forum as well but have not received anything, perhaps it isn't an available option on this forum. thanks so much for your help in advance, Tanya
  10. Thank you, I will check all of those out. and totally NQR how do you guys get those wonderful "signatures" on your profiles??? Tanya Smyth
  11. Hi, can someone please help me figure out how to join the Quilt Path forum? My new / first Millie is it's way soon and I would like to start learning a bit about her and quilt path. thanks in advance, Tanya Smyth New to Turner Valley, AB and APQS
  12. very gently used gammill classic (limited edition package) statler stitcher for sale in Banff, Alberta asking $32,000. Includes a professionally modified 12' table, light bar, hydraulic lift and casters. external bobbin winder and m class bobbins, 21 inch touch screen capable monitor, articulating arm mount, wireless key board and mouse. Creative Studio training dvd's as an added bonus! all aspects of pick up, transportation and set up responsibility of new owner. Please contact me directly via email at corral31@telus.net if you are interested or have any questions, thanks!
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