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  1. Oh, Thank you MaryBeth, that worked, I had to turn it quite a bit thought, does that screw work itself loose? It is working great now, Thanks soooo much!!!! Have a great Sunday!!!!! Jessica
  2. Help!!!! My millie won't stop! I usually use the needle up/down to lock my first stitches, then sew in manual, but he keeps stitching, and I have to shut the power off to get it to stop. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone have any ideas? Of course this would happen on a Sunday. Thanks for any input, Jessica in Duluth, Mn
  3. I'm having trouble with my stitch regulator sewing one loose stitch every once and awhile. I've seen postings here that I should make sure the black rubber wheels are tight but one is loose and I don't know how to tighten it. Using an allen wrench and tightenong the set screws doesn't seem to do anything, can anyone help? Thanks so much!!! Jessie