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  1. I have watched two videos taught by Kimmy Brunner discussing how to straighten up leaders and quilt tops. Lots of wonderful information beginning with checking the backing to make sure it is square, loading a quilt top, and a few tricks on how to keep quilt tops square as you quilt. First one was from March 2016, and the second one from July 2016. Nicholette
  2. I chose APQS Millie after trying all the brands at quilt shows. The machine weighed less than the others and was very easy to move around free motion quilting. The stitch regulator is wonderful and I had the prettiest stitches no matter which direction I quilted. Customer service and lifetime warranty were a big part of why I chose APQS. And the table with Bliss is fantastic. The machine and table looked prettier than some of the other brands, not as industrial as some others, and since my set up is in the family room that was a plus. I chose the L bobbin because a few APQS professional quilte
  3. I chose Quilt Path last year after comparing QP and IQ and seeing them in action in person. I love QP because it is very user friendly ( I am a novice with computers but have not had a problem understanding how to use QP), I like that it uses the thread break sensor my Millie came with; the tablet QP is based on is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (just the right size to sit on top of Millie, thin, light weight, large enough screen to see the functions well). I have found the belt driven carriage is accurate for all the block, border and pantograph patterns I stitch out, and my husband and I easily
  4. Dawn Cavanuagh contacted me by email Sunday afternoon (thank you Dawn!). It seems the pulley wheel on the drive shaft of the carriage belt for QP became slightly loosened. I had to use an allen wrench to tighten it a minuscule amount. I successfully stitched a block pattern afterwards and then a full pantograph pass across the quilt. The stitching is lovely! Nicholette
  5. Thank you Georgene for all the information! This will really help. I will try to find the screen scaling on my QP this afternoon, hopefully that will fix my problem. Nicholette
  6. No, I cannot find how to screen calibrate. It is not listed under the Help Menu on my Quilt Path at all. I don't know if this is because my Quilt Path is so new (mid-2015) that it doesn't have it or else it's located somewhere else on the screen. I do not have a Facebook account, but maybe I will have to get one.
  7. I sent a message to APQS this afternoon, but with the weekend I do not expect to hear from them until Monday. Just wondering is anyone has any ideas? Quilt Path is still new to me, have had it only a few months. I stitched a pantograph using a stock design in Quilt Path of linking hearts, and it stitched beautifully. Then the trouble began when I tried to stitch an imported design of leaves in a pantograph. When stitching my leaves pantograph and a stock block design from Quilt Path, the stitching will migrate toward the leveler bar and stitch over itself. I had to stop the stitching
  8. Hello, I already sent you a PM, but I decided to join the forum as well since I am learning much about my new Milli from this forum. I would like to purchase the Urban Elements Trellis, Ribbon Romance, and Botanical Gardens, as well as Anne Bright's 10" Cloud Nine and Diffrent Strokes 11" Falling Leaves. Please message me and let know where and how to send the payment. Thanks, Nicholette
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