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  1. I am so sorry, I was talking about MQS, not MQX. Thank you for correcting me. OOps
  2. I am so horrible at continuous curve! Your's looks really nice. Great job!!
  3. That is stunning! Love the quilting and that fabric line.......oh drool worthy!!
  4. Well, I am lucky to live in the Houston area (except for the weather) and get to attend the "Big show" every year. I went to MQX last year in Iowa and was horribly disappointed. I specifically went to be able to get into some classes as I was a brand new Millie owner and wanted to learn from a few of the teachers there. I was shocked at how during class the teachers would have friends come in and talk with them, the same people seemed to get all of the attention as they were "groupies" or something of the teacher. I will not go back. Also, my friend, a very good quilter, entered a quilt in the "bread and butter" category. It was to be exactly that, quilters bread and butter, what you do quickly to earn money etc. The quilts were so crazy over the top quilted that she was not even a contender. I stood at that area a long time and listened to peoples comments and 99% would say "wow, that's their bread and butter quilting" It saddens me to see these things happening. Anyway, just my experience. If you find yourself in the Houston area late October, I hope you go to International Quilt Festival!
  5. I bought the same class and am just starting it! Also bough fabric dyeing and will do that next week with some friends. Yippee.
  6. Cute! I made one of those a few years ago, before I had my machine and sent it out to get quilted. You did a great job.
  7. Your work always blows me away. Thank you so much for sharing it on this forum.
  8. Gorgeous as always! I have no idea where everyone has gone, but I sure would like to see more pics and info from people!!
  9. Hi, I have two eight pointed star shaped quilt tops to quilt. I have never worked on anything that wasn't square, so am wondering how to proceed to make it flat and quilt it without a mess. Any info would be much appreciated!
  10. SUper adorable! What is that quilt pattern? I have a MIL that would go NUTSO over that.
  11. That is just gorgeous. WHat a family heirloom to treasure.
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