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  1. Certainly a lag time between the technology and the updating of quilting criteria. Knowledge is power.
  2. It is always great to be among friends. While I didn't know you then, I get to know you now.
  3. Rita is right, Good Will Salvation Army stores are the best for cotton fabrics and to play with color, shapes and sizes. I have seen a video where a shirt was deconstructed and every single piece was used, including the folded flange for a cuff. Perhaps a search to find that video will help you also. Have fun on your new journey of exploration.
  4. Seems like it is a try it yourself kinda thing. You will either really like it, or not. Perhaps if you only marked the part you can do at a single time. Abigail
  5. Truly a special delivery, both the baby and the quilt!
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