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  1. I'm having tension issues on Millie which is very unusual. I've gone through a bunch of troubleshooting steps. I noticed that the check spring amount of stiffness is really light. it is just very soft. Is this normal or is the spring finished? Thanks Doug
  2. Merry Jo, I'm going to do the third option and strategically Tac areas in the middle to prevent the middle from shifting. I like how you quilted you Tardis. I would love to see how you quilted the evil robot! Doug
  3. Bonnie, That is why I think I am leaning towards option 3. The borders should match up and it will leave the main area on both sides intact quilting wise.
  4. My wife finished these two Dr. Who quilt tops with the intention of doing a double sided quilt for my son. I will be doing distinct custom quilting on each. The Blue Tardis quilt will be the top. The options are as follows: 1. Quilt both separate with batting and thin backing and then quilt them together using SID. 2. Just make two separate quilts 3. Quilt both separate except for the border area and then quilt a border design and not worry about center area since each side is fully quilted in the center. Both are Sam Hunter patterns.
  5. I am looking for suggestions for this quilt. All input is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Doug
  6. I have to say I love the 1475 and the built in walking foot is the best!
  7. I am working on a 35+ year old quilt top. that fabric is somewhat dried out. Is there anything I can do to get the fabric to be not so dried out? I am planing to quilt it. I will be using an additional fabric between the batting and the top to help stabilize the quilt top when i am quilting it. Thanks doug
  8. Join the club! I'm the only male in guild I am in. fortunately my wife is a member so I have at least someone to hang out with. They are very nice and the speakers they have lined up are first rate. We have had Sue Nichols, Harriet Hardgrove and a male quilter, Luke Haynes. There are a lot of great resources the quilds have. Have a great time! Doug
  9. No sew means that if I have a block or area I want to do a different design I can mark that area as a no sew zone so it will not get sewn, then I could do an edge to edge or meander, ect. around the area. I stumbled onto the lack of this feature foolishly think that it is a computer and my imagination is the limit to what it could do. these two programs are the only two I know of that (both from the grace company) can not do this. Compuquilter which has been out of business for about 4+ years has had this feature for probably 8+ years. QP also cannot do 4 sides of a boarder with physically tu
  10. They are essentially the same. Quilt path is ported for apqs.Neither have no sew zone that iq and most other computerized programs have. It is supposed to on the roadmap for both but i was not willing to wait for something that either will never be delivered or a long way off. We bought iq for our APQS Millie because of many reasons
  11. You need to be careful using Frixion pens. The marks are not ever truly erased. It uses heat and friction but if it gets cold, the marks return. This was a real issue at the Houston show when the quilts were shipped in cargo and it was cold. All the quilts had to be heated before judging to make the marks disappear. It has been recommended, when possible, use chalk. That always comes out.
  12. I am not sure how you can say you are the slowest quilter when I claimed that title.... In the end, it isn't a race to see who finishes first. Glad it all worked out!
  13. Our Falcon (Millie) arrived on Tuesday. It was installed on Wednesday. I was/am so excited but I don't even know where to start...... I know that I just need to "start". I know "Practice, practice, practice." Doug, dh went to Joann's and bought a bolt of muslin just to practice so we loaded a yard of plain fabric on Falcon. The vast white open space is overwhelming...... How do I truly start? What size should I work on? I am so confused, I don't even know what to write to you..... Also Falcon keeps beeping at me, any idea why?
  14. I started quilting my quilt on my domestic machine and thought it would be long finished. We are getting a Millie next week and wanted to know if I could put it on the frame and do the borders on my new machine. If I can, how would I go about putting it on the frame as it is already mostly quilted.
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