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  1. I have a older gammill table will either or these fit mine? Thanks Donna
  2. I have the same machine, it's a little work horse.. really do love it..I hear from Gammill it's up gradable to the 2.0 system... Gotta love that.. Good luck to you.. Donna
  3. Good Morning, Could you post some pictures of your machine, age, table type. Thanks, Donna
  4. Hello, I would like to know what is the best caster to put on my long arm table? Is there a caster that looks like a cup and glides across the floor? If yes where do I find them. I have limited space in my sewing room and want to be able to move my long arm out of the way when not using it.. thanks Donna
  5. Hi Can you tell me how to find the quilter flea market? Thanks Donna
  6. Hello, I am still trying to find out if your machine is for sale? what year is it? do you have any pictures? Thanks Donna
  7. Hello, Do you still have this machine? what is the throat on the hobby ? thanks Donna