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  1. I am looking for a set of 10ft Bliss rails and rollers to fit a deluxe table. Have a friend that is down sizing and would like to swap out her 12 ft rails and rollers for a 10 ft.
  2. Dealer's 2015 APQS 26 inch Millie for sale with Deluxe Bliss Frame, glide, thread cutter and many other extras. I purchased the machine new in 2015. Price of the machine without Quilt Path is $13,998. The machine is located in Scottsboro, Alabama. Interested parties please call 2565947938 or email at peck4@pobox.com. Free delivery within 200 miles. Make an offer.
  3. I am located in Scottsboro, Alabama just out side Huntsville Alabama.
  4. I am in Alabama and I have just listed a Ansley 26 inch ESP Limited with computer system for $12000.
  5. I have added additional data. The Longarm is an Ansley 26 ESP Limited.
  6. SOLD Ansley 26 inch ESP Limited Longarm (TinLizzie) with the latest version of Quilt Magician ( Butler Computer System) for sale.
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