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  1. I put a call in to APQS and Edgerider. If neither is available then what?
  2. Thanks, I am ordering tomorrow.
  3. I want to change the wheels on my U2 and am looking for recommendations on either the M&M or Edgerider. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks Heidi, I'll definitely remember to do a test with each bobbin change and appreciate all the other suggestions. Margie
  5. Beginner question, Started quilting first quilt, a baby quilt. We are using a pantograph and magna glide bobbins. Thought everything was going well until we found a large area under the quilt with tons of loops. Maybe it happened at a bobbin change. It seems like it is confined to one section of pantograph pattern. Can we rip out that area or do we need to rip the whole quilt? Will the needle punches disappear when the quilt is washed? Also we floated the top, would it be better not to do that in case the quilt does not lay perfectly flat? Thanks, Margie
  6. Hi, I have an U2 plain jane. I would like to upgrade the wheels and read Gammill has easy glide wheels but they are either round or beveled. Which would I need to purchase and is this the only option for wheel replacement? I also have read that a ruler base maybe available? Can one be modified to fit? Thanks, Margie
  7. Thanks Jim, I tried to PM you re:bobbin change but not sure I did it correctly. I almost bought Linda's book so now I will and the other as well.
  8. Are there any publications that help ease the learning curve for nsr quilting? This is a great forum, with terrific advice!
  9. Great answers and much appreciated! We bought this basic machine knowing that upgrades were possible if we felt the needed to do so. I am hoping we can figure out how to use this lovely unregulated machine successfully, since others do I should expect we can as well. The only company I found that will add and after market SR is Quilt EZ with the Perfect Stitch. The Intellistitch doesn't appear to be available any longer on the east coast and I haven't read any reviews on the Quilt EZ product. Any thoughts?
  10. We have an U 2 , new to us (Mom in law and D in law) and we are new to L A. I have been watching this forum for several years, and gathering info before we actually bought our machine. I am not afraid of making some modifications (had to cut table in half to get it upstairs) and am considering changing to an M bobbin. It appears I need an M hook and bobbin assembly and then set timing to make the change over, is that correct and is it worth the cost? Do prewound bobbins actually increase the amount of thread by 40% vs winding the bobbins yourself? Thanks for any advice.