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  1. Lynn, thank you....of course I would for get that! Rapid City, South Dakota.
  2. 12 foot table L bobbin Stitch Regulator Laser Light Turbo Bobbin Winder Electronic Horizontal/Vertical Directional Channel Locks Bliss System Power Fabric Advance Quilt Glide Base Expander (With Thread cutter) Vertical Cone Holder Horizontal Dual Spool Holder Casters 20+ Aluminum Bobbins four extra Bobbin Casings several boxes of magnaglide bobbins paid 19,137.60 (includes tax paid) Asking 15,000. (You will need to pick up and transport) Located in Rapid City, SD if interested contact me at 605-484-3022 or laurietigner@gmail.com
  3. Thank you! No, I have never taught in Oklahoma....but would love to!
  4. Hi Heidi. Yes, I do teach. Am teaching at MQX in New Hampshire this spring and also at HMQS in Salt Lake City in May.
  5. Linda B., I design my own quilts. I make lots of sketches and add/subtract as I go, making simple or sometimes drastic changes to the original drawings......if there is something that I have drawn and really like it, but it no longer fits into the current drawing, I will save the small sketch and use it later on something else. Everything on this quilt was drawn on the final pattern, but then after the whole thing was done, I decided I hated the center and had to redo it.....change is a good thing.....oh, almost forgot....yes, I pretty much usually start in the center and work out.
  6. Valerie. The designs are all from my head. I do have a whole lot of flower pictures that I have taken over the years if I need them for anything, but rarely use them anymore. What I do with the more stylized ones is make a simple but realistic sketch, or layout of a sort of bouquet like the center, and then put a piece of tracing paper over that and simplify the drawing more. Then I do it again, making more changes.....sometimes I do this three or four times because I tend to overdraw and make things too realistic. For quilting, I find that it helps to simplify the drawing....a lot. Hope that helps.
  7. Thank you! The quilting took me just over two weeks, but I worked during the night a lot, too....
  8. Just finished newest quilt on Gertie, (my Millie)...have had so much fun and have learned a lot....entered it into MQX Manchester in the spring.....
  9. This may be in the wrong place.....I am brand new to the forum....have posted once....am having a hard time figuring out how to use the forum. It limits me when I try to "like" the comments...but they are so nice....I want to acknowledge them! I am very timid with pressing buttons, lol.....If any of you who have posted here on this would be nice enough to explain to me how this forum works, I would appreciate it. I would love to become proficient with it.....it looks like it might be a wonderful thing! Thanks!
  10. Yes, I do teach. Am teaching at MQX in New Hampshire in April and at HMQS in Salt Lake City. Would love to see you there!
  11. It is two layers of 80/20. It is easier for me than a layer of 80/20 and something fluffier....and I like the look it gives...thank you!
  12. I haven't tried to use this site before....hope this ends up on the right comment.....yes, I did design it myself. I do not have a computer.....I wouldn't be able to figure out how to use it....I am still having a hard time using rulers....
  13. Took a while for me to switch longarm brands and feel confident. Loving every minute on my Millie now....this is the work that is in progress and almost done...
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