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  1. It was (P)Fun to have you in my classes ! Great job!
  2. Last night the BOS at MQT in Oconomowoc has been announced! "Fern Rising" made it! I am sooooooooo happy and proud! Thanks to APQS for making such wonderful machines!
  3. ClaudiaPfeil

    Claudia Pfeil Classes in Orlando FL

    I am sooooo looking forward! Counting the days until october! BTW. ..... I will try to keep the password for the APQS forum now in my mind, so I can check in more often!
  4. I am soooo is a picture of Fern Rising ...
  5. Is anyone interested to know more about my quilt exhibit at AQS Grand Rapids and Des Moines? ;-))) Trinity Burak and I worked on a booklet that is available for show goers as free download to help you through the exhibit. It is a description to tell you the little stories behind my quilts !;-)
  6. Here are some pictures.... This wallhanging is about 60 x 80 cm ,completely made out of silk (top, backing and badding) and embellished with thousands of Swarovski Chrystals. Have fun bidding....hope it will raises lot of money to help a family in Oklahoma!!!
  7. Thanks ... Trinity..... Here is the link: Hope the link works..... I have had tears in my eyes seeing the germen TV news..... so I hope the little sister of my "Magical Mermaids Castle" will raise a whole bunge of money for a family in Oklahoma who lost the most important thing in life - a child! Please help and bid....... every cent will go directly to OK. The bidding started already...... and ooooh wooooow...... it is really high already! Thanks across the ocean.....
  8. I had a great time overseas....
  9. ClaudiaPfeil

    Who is going to HMQS in Sandy, UT....

    I think I could join you.... if my schedule fits and you all want me to join...
  10. Hiiii..... I don´t want to miss the opportunity to show you on the APQS forum my newest showquiltt "Time to catch a Dream". It has been sent out today to MQS in Wichita!
  11. ClaudiaPfeil

    Claudia's book

    Thanks for all those nice comments about the book.... Please share pictures with us of quilts you used the A2Z(et)!
  12. ClaudiaPfeil

    Who is going to HMQS in Sandy, UT....

    Looking forward to meet you there....
  13. ClaudiaPfeil

    Sneak Peek of A2Z(et)

    Isn´t that amazing to quilt on machine with something you know already out of your first school grade ??? It takes really the fear away..... but the (P)fun starts if you are developping new designs out of the letters! Or can you imgaine to make out of a "T" a bird, a dolphin or a frog king???? Janette, nothing on this example is computerized, everything freehand .... Thanks for watching the video....
  14. Pardon my (P)funny english....
  15. ClaudiaPfeil

    Haven´t been here for centuries.....

    Yes.....Kristina..... I will bring sticks to HMQS and MQS , full loaded with the complete A2 Z(et) workbook! So you can easily take it home or use it right away I am looking forward to meet you all!