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  1. I would contact the customer and discuss the issue with them. Once it is off the frame you might be able to "brush" the minkee backing and pull the pokies back through or when the quilt relaxes the minkee becomes unnoticible but it is equally possible that there would be no change.
  2. The tallest I feel comfortable using on a large quilt with my Millie and IQ is 14.50" pattern height.
  3. I get that way from time to time. After I push myself into actually starting I enjoy it so much that I wonder why I put it off so long.
  4. Welcome back to quilting Maribeth. In regards to the robotics systems you really need to try them out if at all possible as they work differently. IQ is a Linux (sp?) based system that is motor driven. Quilt Path is a Windows based system that is belt driven. Decide what features are important to you in a robotics system then compare the two systems to see how they stack up.
  5. What is the throat space on the Liberty? I know people that have the IQ on the Lenny with the 18" throat.
  6. I have the leader grip system. When I purchased mine, at quiltedjoy.com, the packages listed whether it was for two rails or three rails. I purchased for two rails because I knew I was going to float most of my tops. Yes, your leaders are shorter than your table so 11' is probably correct for a 12' table. I use the leader grip side grips too. I love my system. You need to allow a little extra fabric at the top and bottom with this system but it is so worth it to not be sticking myself on those pins! It is much quicker to load with leadergrips too. Check out quiltedjoy.com for pricing. It's been a couple of years and I don't remember the price.
  7. So sorry it didn't work out. Maybe she will think on that a few days and call you back.
  8. I have the Classic Lt with the 10" screen. It has all the functions of the larger Classic with the smaller screen. I purchased my system 3 years ago when this screen size first became an option and have had no issues with it yet. I think at the time I purchased the smaller tablet did not come from the same supplier (Tablet Kiosk) as the larger tablets but this may have changed since then.
  9. I think listing them in this section would be fine. I don't know a lot about PayPal and nothing about creating invoices on it but I have used the send money to friends section to pay for items I purchased from someone. I think PayPal would be safer.
  10. I just lug around my Bernina. I finally purchased a Tutto bag which makes transportation easier than the Bernina bags did.
  11. What is the differences between Predesign Studio and ArtnStitch?
  12. I'm no expert but maybe something like this in the mountains.
  13. The biggest difference may be in the warranty. Sometimes the used machines don't come with a lifetime warranty.
  14. It won't mess up Lucey. I have quilted a couple of quilts with sheets as the backing. I cut off the hems and did my usual tension tests on the edge.
  15. I love this forum and use it all the time however there are some forums, particularly yahoo forums that don't work well for me and I prefer the Facebook groups for those.
  16. I don't have this system so I can't help but I believe Zoltan with Intelliquilter is providing support for compuquilter.
  17. If you want the deluxe frame and bliss rails then you need to consider the cost of upgrading Lucy's standard frame versus the cost of Freddie that comes with those options and the automatic advance. I believe Freddie also comes with the glide feature that is useful in some free motion quilting.
  18. I too resented having to purchase it as I didn't realize when I purchased that the 1/4" foot that came with Millie didn't have the clearance for a ruler from the back. Since I often found myself needing to use a ruler behind the foot I went ahead and purchased it. It has made life easier for me when I do ruler work.
  19. You could if your backing is large enough to accommodate the width of the quilt at the widest point.
  20. I don't trim quilts for customers but on my own quilts I trim 1/4" from the edge of the quilt so the extra will make the binding a little fuller.
  21. What are others in your area charging for simple pantos? Less than your new prices? I would pick out five or six computerized pantos that are fairly simple, no backtracking, low density, and stitches quickly, make a small sample.....plain muslin would work......and stitch out a row or two of each of your choices. Bind it and take to your next show and tell with the pricing for those choices.
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