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  1. I have the leader grips on my Millie. Before I settled on which system to use I talked with several people with the majority of them telling me that red snappers were very hard to snap together until they had been used for awhile. Since I don't have a lot of strength in my hands I went with the leader grips and love them!
  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your accident and the loss of your horse. I have read of so many accidents in the last few year involving horses and bicycles and had a near wreck once myself when somebody threw a beer bottle at my horse while whooping and hollering as they passed me. There is always so many comments, especially on social media, about "those people should be on or near the traffic lanes. People are so self centered and arrogant these days......they must get to where they want to be with no thoughts to anyone else. Sorry for the rant. Hope you recover quickly.
  3. If you are planning to add a computer system or think you might want to someday you will definately want the M bobbin. If you will only be doing hand guided and you don't mind the more frequent bobbin changes then you might like the L bobbin. There is definately a big difference in the cost of both the bobbin cases and the bobbins themselves but worth it in m opinion. I hate changing the bobbins.
  4. Quilt glide is different from Bliss. Bliss is a part of the rail system and works with ball bearings instead of wheels on the machine(I think). Quilt glide, when activated, allows you to do micro stippling, small circles, etc with the stitch regulator on and smooths out the curves. That's probably not the best explanation but I can say it makes a huge difference in my stitches when I am doing small curvy freehand stitching.
  5. i order Glide thread from Quilted Joy. I wind my own bobbins but they carry the prewound ones too. They ship quickly. I usually receive my order in 3 days.
  6. A little over a year ago I was struggling with the same issue. I ended up going with the Millie because I did want the vertical channel locks as well as the horizontal. With the Millie you access both channel locks with a button on the front of the machine. The Freddie's horizontal lock, if I remember correctly, is accessed by moving a lever at the back of the machine. I have only used the thread cutter a couple of times to see how it worked. I didn't particularly like how short it left the tail of the bobbin thread and it was just as easy for me to pull the bobbin thread to the top and cut it
  7. I don't think I would stitch in the ditch anything hand pieced, old or new.
  8. The only time my Millie does this is when I forget to put her in stitch regulated mode and don't start moving the machine fast enough after pushing the start button. I would call APQS and talk with them.
  9. Hmmmmm. It cut off part of my post.........anyway, thanks everyone for your suggestions for quilting!
  10. After much thought I finally counted the blocks. There were 63 of them. I decided I didn't need to practice custom quilting after all
  11. Jeez......left an e off my name. geraldinekazee@gmail.com. Thanks again.
  12. That would be great chickenscratch! A picture would help me envision how it would look. My email is geraldinekaze@gmail.com. It's my sisters quilt so I can put anything I want on it so thought I'd use it to practice some custom work.
  13. I have a computerized system so doing each block wouldn't be much trouble but picking a design that would look good on those blocks is.......at least for me.
  14. How should I quilt this one? I bounce back and forth between a panto and quilting the blocks with a block design with something different in the sashings and border. The border is narrow.
  15. I have never used one to baste a quilt but I have used a micro baster with the shortest tacks to hold stack and whack fabric layers together for cutting. I liked them for that.
  16. I have the Intelliquilter system on my Millie. I've only had my machine a few months and while I do ok with rulers and freehand meandering I would not yet be ready to quilt for others without my IQ system. If folks want hand quilting they will look elsewhere for a quilter. I say start quilting for others when you feel ready and when you are ready, charge for your time. Don't sell yourself short.
  17. I bought leader grips to use with my machine. My APQS dealer replaced her red snappers with them. They are pretty easy to use.
  18. My new Millie took a week to ship after the payment cleared then an additional 5 days to get here after that. Received her on Christmas Eve.
  19. I have an iPad mini and it keeps me logged in unless I log out.
  20. I haven't looked at the course but I did have a beginning LA class with Angela in her shop and she was a great teacher.
  21. I attempted to use a package of Fairfield once.......it pulled a hole in it while smoothing it on top of the backing and that was before I had a Longarm so I was preparing to pin baste on the floor. I can't imagine getting it loaded on the Longarm but maybe you will have better luck.
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