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  1. I've always wound my own aluminum bobbins using the Side Winder and never had a problem. (Having said that, I have probably just jinxed myself!)
  2. My machine came w/the sidewinder and I use it all the time and have never had a problem with it. Even though it's not an expensive bobbin winder, mine has worked great!
  3. Hi Cagey, I'm not an expert on George or on doing ruler work with a sitdown machine. My answers are based on my limited experience on the George as well as my experiences playing around with non-ruler feet on home domestic sewing machine. 1. My George was also puchased as a used machine. When you refer to the older smaller edition hopping foot, I believe you are referencing the general purpose hopping foot that comes standard on all George machines. If you were very, very careful, you probably could do some ruler work with that foot, but I would strongly discourage you from even tr
  4. You are correct! Sorry about that-I meant that I paid $4.49 for one roll of tape! Patsy
  5. Thanks for all your kind words! There are alot of things you can place on the backside of the ruler to keep it from sliding. I started out using small pieces of sandpaper that I got from my husband (he's a woodworker so he had lots of "cast off" sandpaper with adhesive backing that he could give to me.) It worked great but the sandpaper made it hard to read some of the lines on the rulers. I switched to a product called Nexcare tape and I really like it. it's a bandage tape that you can find in the first aid section of the drugstore and it sells for around 44.49 per roll, so it's very af
  6. I have fallen in love with doing ruler work on George! We just posted a video tutorial of how to do it on my blog. Here is a link if anyone is interested: http://www.patsythompsondesigns.com/blog/index.php/archives/5818
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