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  1. Robbinsbobbins

    Hand wheel won’t turn

    My George blew a fuse when a needle broke . I have replaced the fuse but now the hand wheel is stuck, motor runs, but nothing moves. What do I do? And of course I’m finishing a quilt for Christmas.
  2. Robbinsbobbins

    Dog gone cute

    For Sheri, pattern name is dog gone cute
  3. For my 4th grandchild due in 11 days. Done in the nick of time!
  4. Robbinsbobbins

    Dog gone cute

    Thank you so much for wonderful advice. I was too far along to try trupunto, great suggestion, but I think the doggies pop because I used 2 layers of batting. It does feel heavy somewhat, but fine. I was asked to share pictures! I am pleased with how it turned out.
  5. Robbinsbobbins

    Dog gone cute

    Pattern name is Dog Gone Cute I believe, purchased on Etsy.
  6. Robbinsbobbins

    Dog gone cute

    No, it is a purchased pattern.
  7. Robbinsbobbins

    Dog gone cute

    This will be going to my 4th grand baby due in less than 3 weeks. My mind was working on this while I slept. I was thinking outline Sid on the dogs, my border, not pictured, is 3.5 inches, and will have bones using a template with match stick surrounding the bones. Orange sized spirals in the quilt background. How does that sound?
  8. I would appreciate ideas for quilting this. Thanks!
  9. Robbinsbobbins

    Dresden quilt

    I agree, encourage her to give it now. I've made "heirloom " quilts for my young grandchildren. I said please use it, and if it wears out, I'll make another.
  10. Robbinsbobbins

    Looking for new iron

    Not cheap, but I love my Olisio . Can leave it flat, turns itself off.
  11. Thanks Barb and all participants. My fabric arrived yesterday. I plan to use a cute pattern (tutorial) I saw on Missouri Quilt to make the squares into a canning jar motif.
  12. I am a new george owner. Decided on George after much review. I like how it sits on the table, simple ( no computer ), and I prefer no stitch regulation. I have completed 6 quilts since my purchase. The large 20 inch throat is amazing. An entire king size quilt can be to my right, while I'm working on the left side, and I was amazed I had worked my way over there because it was so roomy! Stitches are beautiful. I am so glad I bought it every time I am playing with it. Even just recently purchased the ruler feet and am having a blast learning ruler work.
  13. Oma, if someone has 2 slots, they will be getting 2 of your 50 alpaca squares. I raise alpacas, so I am excited you are including those.
  14. Robbinsbobbins

    Newest wholecloth

    Your own design, or a kit? Beautiful!