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  1. My George blew a fuse when a needle broke . I have replaced the fuse but now the hand wheel is stuck, motor runs, but nothing moves. What do I do? And of course I’m finishing a quilt for Christmas.
  2. For my 4th grandchild due in 11 days. Done in the nick of time!
  3. Thank you so much for wonderful advice. I was too far along to try trupunto, great suggestion, but I think the doggies pop because I used 2 layers of batting. It does feel heavy somewhat, but fine. I was asked to share pictures! I am pleased with how it turned out.
  4. Pattern name is Dog Gone Cute I believe, purchased on Etsy.
  5. This will be going to my 4th grand baby due in less than 3 weeks. My mind was working on this while I slept. I was thinking outline Sid on the dogs, my border, not pictured, is 3.5 inches, and will have bones using a template with match stick surrounding the bones. Orange sized spirals in the quilt background. How does that sound?
  6. I would appreciate ideas for quilting this. Thanks!
  7. Not cheap, but I love my Olisio . Can leave it flat, turns itself off.
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