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  1. I finished my Disney princess paper piecing toddler quilt. It ended up a 60 * 80. The pattern for the quilt was from a website called fandom in stitches. The piecing was very small, but I think the quilt turned out beautiful. The quilting was done on my QB (APQS Millie). It was a R and S board called hearts and flowers. This was a gift for a friend of mine who is having his first child at the age of 44. He has a beautiful heart and I thought he deserved an amazing baby gift. I am not big on baby quilts so I made a toddler one (I figured babies really don't sleep with a blanket).
  2. If you are looking for zippers I have a couple of pairs that I do not use that I can sell ya if you want them. I used them once or twice when I was going to Louisville to see if I liked the APQS machine before I purchased one.
  3. My mother and I rented one in Louisville, Kentucky before we purchased our own. Her shop is called Quilted Joy. The name of the owner is Angela Huffman. I know you can find her on these forums or look her up online.
  4. I have a janome 3160QDC. It is not a top of the line machine by any means, but it has more bells and whistles on it than I will ever use. I quilt and sew and it is wonderful. Still has more options than I would need. My mother also has a Janome 6500P. She purchased it before we purchased the long arm. It really has more features than we could ever use (because no more pushing through a little sewing machine to quilt anymore). I still have my grandmothers sewing machine that she bought at sears in 1971. I use it sometimes when I am making a sentimental quilt because I made it off her machine. It has a lifetime warranty. I still have the reciept cause my grandfather and grandmother were pack rats. I wonder when it dies if Sears will honor the lifetime warranty. LOL I don't think you could go wrong with a janome (but that is just my opinion). I used to never sew off anything by my old Kenmore.....until I learned of needle up and down, tacking feature, and the wonderful thread cutting feature. AMAZING time savings with these features.
  5. I wonder how long that would take me to embroider and put in the middle of a christmas quilt. I love the poem. It made me smile. THank you for sharing.
  6. I am on a limited sleep schedule until christmas is over. I have 1 lap quilt to quilt and bind for a little girl in ST Judes from my church, 2 full size quilts to bind, 1 king size quilt to bind (yeah I put off binding), 4 tie blankets to make, 5 monograms to embroider for blankets, 2 christmas stockings to quilt and embroider the names on. Thank goodness I can run the embroidery machine at the same time by sewing machine is running or I would never get finished. I bind the quilts while I am waiting on my kid to get out of school or a sport function. Idle hands is the devils workshop after all (LOL). I beleive if I was able to quit my job (who needs to work anyway) I could get a lot more accomplished.
  7. My mom used the april in paris pantograph for my daughter and it comes out beautifully.
  8. I have a Rowenta DW8080 Promaster. I like a heavy weight iron. I think when you are ironing heavy material like jeans or even thick muslin it presses better without all the sizing and sprays to get the wrinkles out. I have also dropped mine on the floor many times and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I do own a few of the small irons that are supposed to be useful in quilting, but they do not get hot enough for me to get the good press I like without having to press hard and rub back and forth on my seams. I think this helps in distorting your fabric and that is where some people start getting their quilting wonky.
  9. Ok. SO I am at work, and my momma is working on the long arm and calls me for help. I am asking you all if you have had this problem and may know what I can do to help her (from work LOL). She is trying to finish a quilt and a dresser scarf for my daughter for her birthday. Millie is making a noise like the thread is breaking. This is different than the noise that tells you that everything is going smooth. It happens about every 15 seconds. Her thread is not breaking. It keeps stitching with smooth clean stitches. I tried to listen to it over the phone, but all I hear is the Millie running. The thread I do not believe is the problem. I have used the same with no issues. I am not going to get off work for a few hours and well she is in panic mode and I want to try to help my mom.
  10. My mom and I share my APQS forum name. She told me to tell you thank you. She put the needle in backwards.
  11. new millie owner and have a bobbin issue. thread around bobbin. cleaned it out and rethreaded, now can't pick up bobbin thread and make a bobbin noise when needle down tries to pick up bobbin thread. Have cleaned bobbin and changed needle. Suggestions please. Got granddaughter's birthday quilt ready to start quilting!
  12. Hello. I am interested in the tumbling teddy bears, loose leaf, and double plume. You can reach me at 859-396-2615. I don't know how to do the private messaging and such, but I would love to purchase these from you.
  13. I just wanted to say how wonderful that Dawn is at APQS. She has to be the most patient person on the planet. My mom and I purchased a new Millie for Christmas. It has been an uphill journey getting the Queen B (yep we named her) up and running. Everyone there has been amazing so far. One day I will figure out all of the tricks of the trade with her, but for now its a learning curve. Anyway, I just wanted to tell her and the guys that came to the house (super late) on their way back home from the long arm giveaway, a THANK YOU for helping me and mom get the "QB" up and running. :)
  14. I think I might be able to help you. I found a meter of the fabric on etsy under black bird fabrics. However after a lot of digging I found this website. 118fabrics.com. The number for their store is 570-477-3166. It says navy with flowers. I hope this is what you are looking for. This gets very frustrating when you don't have enough fabric. Best of luck to you.
  15. I am interested in all of the boards if they are still available. My email is mcg421@gmail.com.
  16. Thank you for all your help. The APQS team was wonderful and called me on Sunday and are sending me a new black box. I appreciate everyone who tried to give me assistance. I WILL get mom and my machine running before 2015 if it kills me. LOL
  17. Hello everyone. I am new to the forum boards. My mother and I have bought a new Millie and I get the wonderful job of assembly. I have the whole machine put together with one problem.... My power advance only works one way. The green forward works, but the white reverse does not work. I do not think that I have done anything wrong with the installation, but it is very possible. I have been setting up this machine for over a week. We didn't get all the parts and pieces that were supposed to come with our machine and had to wait for them to be shipped. We are still waiting for the hyd lift, but was told not to listen to the directions that I could put it on later. I sure hope so. I am wanting to quilt my quilts at home and stop paying to go elsewhere to quilt. Please if anyone knows how to fix this problem please let me know. Sincerely, Melissa
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