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  1. I am in Jacksboro, TN - about 4 miles south of LaFollette and 30 miles north of Knoxville, but only 2 1/2 miles from I-75 Exit 134. Easy to get to from the interstate. Excuse my delay in responding. Cataract surgery is slowing me down.
  2. THIS MACHINE IS NO LONGER FOR SALE. 2009 Voyager 17 with Proflex frame.
  3. So if you sell the HQ 16 separately for $3500 how much do you want for the Pfaff machine? I see in the photos that the Pfaff machine is on a frame. Is the frame included with the machine?. Where are you in Michigan? I will be in Monroe April 20 - 23rd but currently live in Jacksboro, TN. I have a Voyager 17 that on a Proflex Superquilter frame but the Voyager is too complicated for me - needing multiple adjustments every time I go to use it. Please advise. Thank you. Diana
  4. To cab38: The throat on the Viking Mega Quilter is 9". You can either free-motion quilt or use pantographs. I am including about 18 pantographs with the machine. Most of my quilts were either queen size or full size. I did one king size and a few lap and baby quilts. I have had the set for eight years and have probably quilted about 40 quilts on it with no problems other than "user" errors and one incident where I had an entire package of bad machine needles. Once I threw them out we were back in business again. It's a tough machine and very user friendly.
  5. We can ship the entire set up. There are three big heavy boxes and one small lighter box. You would need to pay the actual shipping charges and I think it could possibly be in the neighborhood of $200+..........I don't know for sure. I suppose it depends on where you want it shipped. Let me know please. Thank you. Diana McCracken
  6. SOLD - - - Selling my Viking Mega Quilter and Inspira Frame (my husband surprised me with a long-arm for our 50th anniversary). This is a short-arm machine and comes with a Cruise Control to regulate stitch length. The frame will accommodate a king size quilt but can be put together at half size if you make only smaller quilts. I am including over 17 pantographs; some are brand new and have never been used. I have loved this machine and used it with no problems other than "user" error. I am asking $1,000. The machine is complete and packaged back into it's original boxes. Before dismantling we made a video to show the machine in action and I would be happy to email this to you. We are located in Jacksboro, Tennessee (between Lafollette and Knoxville).