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    Gma reacted to okgigi in George APQS quilter   
    How old is George, what year was he made. Any issues with the machine? We'd appreciate any additional information and a photo please. Thank you
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    Gma reacted to wrkng_girl10 in 2004 APQS Millie for sale   
    Is the machine still available?  Can you send me pictures? 
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    Gma reacted to Mrs.A in GEORGE FOR SALE IN SOUTHERN ARIZONA   
    Selling my 2006 George sit-down quilting machine.  Unlike the new ones currently offered with a folding table, this machine is mounted in a sturdy wood & laminate cabinet with 4 drawers and two drop leaves.  It has been well maintained and was professionally serviced two years ago.  Because the cabinet is so heavy, this purchase makes sense only for those who can pick up the machine in Tucson, Arizona.  Included in the $5000 price will be interchangeable feet (closed toe, open toe & high profile for ruler work), size L bobbin cases and bobbins, TOWA bobbin tension gauge, printed manual & DVD, and an assortment of needles in different sizes.  I'd be happy to include a few lessons to familiarize you with the machine & get you started.  Please post questions here or email me directly.    Nancy in Tucson
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