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  1. Selling my used 2008 milleniium with 14 ft table to update to 2013 model. $10,000 Located in NW North Dakota August 2012 I sent this machine to APQS for changing from L bobbin to M bobbin, while there I had Amy look it over and do a full maintainence check. Features: Large M bobbin stitch regulator automatic needle positioner bottom thread cutter laser light for pantographs single stitch button turbo bobbin winder power fabric advance with foot pedal zippers on fabric leaders Contact me at quiltnd@nccray.com for more information
  2. LOVE THE "SNIPPY" tool Mary Beth. I used mine so much I was lost without it when I needed to replace the original. Great for removing stitching nightmares.
  3. being gramma is pretty cool.... anyone have advice on getting quilting done with a grandchild on my leg. (His name is Marcus). He is visiting because day care is on vacation. Actually I did hire a babysitter to come over for 2 1/2 hours so I could readjust tension for the quilt on the table. (which is another story). I have her coming again tonight so I can finish it and put another on. I usually quilt in the evening, but am so exhausted I am in bed by 10:30pm, which is about 2-3 hours before my normal turn in. Enjoy Bekah, you have double the pleasure as I. Jan
  4. Thanks Ladies for your honest opinions... even the Nazi ones. LOL This is the first block exchange I have agreed to. I really didn't or don't know the protocal. Life does get crazy at times, and sometimes I just focus at the shimmer of light at the end of the road Im on. So yes you did all help and given me insight to exchanges as well as jogged my memory on a "Towel" exchange I did when I was first married 27 years ago... send 3 to the three on the list....and recieve.................NONE ........in return. My plan is to write/email them all making sure I have their block preference correct.... and start sewing one at a time until they are done. :cool: Shana, you aren't the nazi. You actually remind me of my mom, who's advice is right to the point, no fuffing my pillow to lesser the blow. And it is that type of advisers I find in most of my best friends. Jan
  5. I am guilty, and need to know what too do. June 2007 it was a good time to participate in a block exchange. I would be able to finish all the blocks before I leave on an 7 week trip to Tanzania. Needless to say, after harvest was over, my mom had back surgury and my father had other medical problems, I didn't get any done and/or sent to the ladies who sent me some wonderful blocks. Since I have returned home in March, my husband decided to run for State office, and life has been taking me for a ride... full speed ahead. Do I send the blocks back to those sent to me? Should I give the project to my daughter to complete and bail me out? Should I complete my quilt from blocks sent and offer the quilt for raffle or gift to someone in need? Has anyone else ever been in this situation?
  6. Mine is laminated and on the door. (door is open thought).
  7. I made my decision to purchase a Liberty when I went for my Beginners class. It took me only half of the first day, to start looking at the Milli because of the xtra throat space!!! Glad I brought my check book instead of cash... cause the extra $$ was well worth the Larger work area. GO FOR THE LENNI. Jan
  8. I charge $10/hour for piecing. So will give the customer an estimate, stating this is just an estimate ... it may take more hours for what ever reason. The quilts I have pieced, we agreed on a pattern, then I purchased the fabric after asking their preferances. Most people who have asked me to piece a quilt, don't quilt themselves and arent comfortable picking out coordinating fabrics. When its all pieced and customer wants a finisched quilt, I quilt it, adding to the final total my quilting charge. It does add up fast. Jan HAPPY QUILTING!!!:cool:
  9. I have quilted T-shirt Quilts different ways. The way I like to quilt them best is freehand stipple and stipple right up to the T-shirt logo and around it. I dont care to quilt over the logo, and customers have asked me not to quilt over the logo/words etc. Stabilizer--I use a lightweight interfacing with oneside iron-on. I iron on to the t-shirt logo back. I was told if this is done it helps keep the t-shirt fabric from stretching while sewing as well as after! Also If the t-shirt has been worn well, the stabilizer gives it extra hold in the well used areas.:cool:
  10. HOLY SMOLY!!!! Can I come play with you and your millinium? It is so cool and inspiring to see other techniques to learn. Im also picking my jaw off the floor!!!
  11. HI. When I was researching machines, weight (of the machine, not me) was a big deciding point!! Needless to say, APQS won the research, I decided on a Liberty because of the size. I had the opportunity to take a class from Darlene Epp to try before I buy. I was sold the first hour on the machine. One the last day of class, we quilted on a Millennium... I changed my mind. Even though it was larger, it was so easy to handle!! Am patiently waiting for remodeling of the basement room to finalize the purchase of a Millinnium!!!
  12. the video didnt work for me (we are having difficulties with our computer)... SO I read the transcripts.... great option for crabby computers!!