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  1. Yes, it just went to it’s new home.
  2. I have a verbal from someone who is supposed to be picking it up in July.
  3. I have someone who is coming to test drive it who says she is going to buy it but I don’t have the check yet, lol.
  4. 2008 APQS Millie for Sale - $8500 10 ft. table with casters and auto quilt advance system, stitch regulator, lower bobbin thread cutter, two sets of handles, L bobbin, bobbin winder, Hartley base/ruler and complete owner's manual. The machine is currently assembled and ready to take for a test drive in Destin, Florida. Delivery/Shipping - Buyers responsibility. (Auto Quilt Advance not currently on machine but it is in perfect working order - I had to take it off to have enough room to get around the machine)
  5. Thank you! I tried something similar but without pin basting and I am now readjusting quite a bit so I don't end up with pleats in the backing. Probably doesn't help that the backing is a very stretchy flannel either. Fun, fun, fun! Never a dull day in long arm quilting!
  6. What is the best way to handle a quilt where the design has to start in the middle? do you baste?, float, etc?
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