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  1. Like Sharon I sometimes going and just sit by "Gabby" it's a good time to just sit or look at quilting books. It's ok, really!!
  2. You are fortunate indeed to share quilting with your daughter! Your Farmer's Wife quilt is lovely, great job!
  3. Thanks @ffq-lar I wondered about the spring method. I think I might reconsider the whole thing, a person need to "really" want this look.
  4. Does anyone know how to quilt big circles like this in a quilt?
  5. I use my red snappers most always now but when I pinned I also uses T pins . I like them because they are flat but still easy to grab, and they seem stronger and sharper.
  6. @EHonour thanks for your reply And praise God for answered prayers!
  7. Yowzer!! Love the colors, quilting, and pattern, yep I love it all!
  8. So Cute you did great job quilting it
  9. @EHonour so based on your 1 1/2 finished strips how big is the center of your quilt?