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  1. I just finished a quilt with a muslin back and my stitches were perfect all the way through. Now I have started a quilt with a batik back and the stitching is not pretty on the back, I didn't even turn my machine off, even the same thread, do I have to change needles or tension for batik backing? Thank you Phyllis
  2. All I can say is my, my, my, absolutely beautiful. What kind of batting did you use to make the feathers pop like they do on the border?
  3. When I stitch a straight line my tension seems to be perfect and for the most part while doing a pantograph my stitches look pretty, but almost every time as I go into the stem of a leaf, the stitch looks like a train track on the bottom, but as I come out of that stem the stitch is beautiful. I am just perplexed. Can someone help me? Thank you, Phyllis
  4. You ladies are wonderful, thank you for all your ideas.
  5. I have a new Millie, which I love, because I had a Classic Gammill (not even a SR). Most customers have at least 4" on either side of the quilt, but my clamps are bumping the machine and distorting the pattern, do any of you have a trick/tip that you use for this? Thank You, Phyllis
  6. Yes you are an inspiration, thank you for sharing. What thread have you found that you like best on your Millie? I have a new one!
  7. My Millie is new and I am just getting used to it. I haven't found a good match for stitch length, SR, Quilt Glide for stippling, would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  8. I have a new Millie and I am using a pantograph in the SR mode, every so often I have a stitch on top that is raised a bit, like the bobbin didn't pull that particular stitch down well enough. How do I fix this? Thanks
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