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  1. I Thought it might be the fuse too. but I have my dealer's CQ up here and they both are doing the same thing. Will check though.
  2. Sue, Yes, I have checked the stitch length and that is not the problem. My Millie acts like she is not even connected to the CQ. I have checked so many times that the CQ is on and the gray box is turned on, and that all the wires are connected and nothing helps.
  3. Has anyone, using your CompuQuilter, experienced your CQ not running when you hit the "Run" button? I have checked all the wiring and connectors, but nothing seems to work.
  4. Thanks for your inputs. I did check and cleaned the wheels, but not with alcohol, but will do this. I have been in contact with Dawn at APQS and apparently I will need to adjust the cams on the front of the carriage which I have done, but it made it worse because evidently I did not get them tightened to match. So am waiting on an response from APQS again. They have to be perfectly matched to work properly.
  5. Thanks for the info. I was able, this morning, to get the wheels to the stitch regular adjusted with the help of Amy's video and it works perfectly. I am so excited I was finally able to do this. You also suggested to blow out the dust on the sensor. I don't know what the sensor looks like or where it is located. Could you enlighten me? Again thanks.
  6. When trying to do free hand quilting, machine is hard to move.
  7. My stitch regular does not take off and then when it does, it a jerks. Does not move smoothly at all and can't use it.
  8. Leslie, Thanks so much, I found them. Carol
  9. Thank you all for your input. I had to apply baking soda twice. The last application I put on before I went to bed and all the oil was gone the next morning. I like the idea of oiling at night. And yes I do test on the edge of the backing after I put a scrap of fabric on the backing after I have oiled. I must have just gotten too much oil on the machine and I wasn't wiping out the access. So that was double trouble. I surely am learning a lot of new things since I went back to quilting. I don't remember having all this trouble when I was quilting before I moved to Arkansas. But then that was about 3 years ago. Carol
  10. Thanks Heidi for your information. Your information was helpful, but I am sorry to say my math sucks. I have CompuQuilter on my machine and I am trying to stay within the 1/4 seam allowance and also to save another 1/4 allowance to that so that my edge-to-edge design is not right up beside the 1/4 seam allowance. My quilt is 78.5 inches x 94.5 inches quiltable space. I can figure out that the 1/2 inch shrinkage for every 36 inch of quilt would be 1 inch of shrinkage, but then there is that extra 7 inches I don't know how to figure. So I guess what I am trying to find out now is how do you come up with the total amount of shrinkage for both the width and length at 1 1/2" shrinkage for every 36" of quilt? This is not the same quilt I was working with earlier. This quilt looks like it is pieced with Moda fabric or something similar and 100% Cotton Mountain Mist batting. The pieced quilt is pretty heavy. Thanks so much for your help. Carol Rogers, AR
  11. How do I find the posts I have posted? I want to respond and can't find it. Thanks, Carol
  12. Thanks Linda. I have applied the baking soda so will check it before going to bed tonight and see how it is doing. It is clear oil I bought for just this purpose so it should come out. And after my experience with putting this batting in the dryer, I will do as you say and put it over the rails over night the next time. Thanks so much. I appreciate all your help. Carol
  13. I sure need help. I have quilted a customer's quilt and low and behold, I got oil on the 1/4 in seam allowance from from the bobbin case. I didn't know I had done this until I was finished with the quilt. Of course the oil migrated. Number 1: Is there a way of getting the oil out without washing the quilt or making a mess of things? I looked on the internet and WikiHow.com had several good ideas, but they all had to be washed afterwords. Or is it better to just face the music and tell the customer what happened? Number 2: How much oil should we put in the bobbin case? Each time or day I use the machine I oil the bobbin area even if I have only quilted one row. is that too much? Number 3. Are there any tips on quilting fluffy batts? The customer had given me a 95% poly and 5% silk. As I usually do, I took it out of the bag and put it in the dryer with a wet hand towel. It was low loft when I put it in the dryer, but it was high loft when I took it out. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks, Carol from Rogers, Arkansas
  14. How much shrinkage inside the 1/4 seam allowances should I allow for when quilting a Batik top and back quilt? The customer has given me Warm and Natural 100% Cotton batting and I am using So fine green thread. Carol
  15. Thanks Linda for the squaring up unsquare backs. I have not read it yet, but will once I get this quilt off the machine. And I will let you know if I have any questions. And thanks to all the rest of you for all you ideas and help. It is so helpful. Carol
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