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  1. I Thought it might be the fuse too. but I have my dealer's CQ up here and they both are doing the same thing. Will check though.
  2. Sue, Yes, I have checked the stitch length and that is not the problem. My Millie acts like she is not even connected to the CQ. I have checked so many times that the CQ is on and the gray box is turned on, and that all the wires are connected and nothing helps.
  3. Has anyone, using your CompuQuilter, experienced your CQ not running when you hit the "Run" button? I have checked all the wiring and connectors, but nothing seems to work.
  4. Thanks for your inputs. I did check and cleaned the wheels, but not with alcohol, but will do this. I have been in contact with Dawn at APQS and apparently I will need to adjust the cams on the front of the carriage which I have done, but it made it worse because evidently I did not get them tightened to match. So am waiting on an response from APQS again. They have to be perfectly matched to work properly.
  5. Thanks for the info. I was able, this morning, to get the wheels to the stitch regular adjusted with the help of Amy's video and it works perfectly. I am so excited I was finally able to do this. You also suggested to blow out the dust on the sensor. I don't know what the sensor looks like or where it is located. Could you enlighten me? Again thanks.
  6. When trying to do free hand quilting, machine is hard to move.
  7. My stitch regular does not take off and then when it does, it a jerks. Does not move smoothly at all and can't use it.
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