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  1. I have a Juki TL 98Q and I love it . It is just straight stitch and of course you can do free motion quilting. I have had it for 6 years now and have had no problems!!!
  2. I must say that I love scrappy quilts because I pretty much draw out of a paper bag too!!! It always seems to work out beautifully!!!
  3. I have several pattern books including all of the above mentioned. I also have one called 501 Quilting Motifs by That Patchwork Place that is very helpful!!! I just found one on line I am going to get called Quilting Designs From the Past by Jenny Carr Kinney that looks really good!!!
  4. Beautiful quilting!!!Your feathers in the border are beautiful and the fill for the blocks is beautiful too!!!
  5. Wow Wow Wow !!!Those thread paintings are fabulous!!!! Love the peacocks and the wood ducks too !!!Just beautiful!!!
  6. Is that thread painting? It looks really cool like Sue Patton!!!
  7. Oh how I want these lights!!!!! Will have to wait for my income tax return for them though!!!
  8. I love the quilt and your quilting !!!But I don't think I could even piece a quilt like that let alone quilt one !!!! WOW you are very good!!!
  9. I love neutral colors and I love your quilt!!!and quilting is very nice!!!
  10. Love the red flowers and the trailing ribbons!!!!I really like your quilt!!!