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  1. We use weighted blankets in our program. We use a simple process where we determine the size of the blanket we want... most common is our medium size weighted blanket. Depending on the amount of pellets we use will determine the weight of the blanket. For the medium we cut 2 rectangles 21" X 31" - 1/2 inch seam - stitch on 3 sides... mark 4 vertical rows 5 inches apart... we just use a pencil and draw the rows.... stitch to create the 4 vertical rows... now mark 6 horizontal lines 5 inches apart (don't stitch yet).... Stitch your first horizontal row but leave a 1 1/2 " openi
  2. Dave Jones will be in the Eugene/Springfield Oregon area the week of June 13th... Is there anyone who would like to have him come and do maintenance on your machine. His wife Deloa also will be conducting some classes and is looking for a place to hold the classes. Please email me at jeani@uoregon.edu if you are interested. Jeani 541-953-1970
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