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  1. Mestuart, Bonnie and Linda, Thanks for your responses, all of which I appreciate and hope to use. This is a great community! I plan to make it my new first stop for quilting info. I haven't sewn or quilted for several years now (mostly due to extreme lack of space NYC studio apartment), but I have a wonderful fabric collection, and I figure I can at least do some very simple tops to use them up before they go hopelessly out of style. (And no matter how gorgeous prints and colors are, most of them will age to the eye. You can see that if you look at the brown and orange quilts o
  2. Holy cow, Sylvia, that was fast! And it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much. It will be a while before I even start this quilt, but when I do I will post the resulting top. Cheers, Suzie
  3. Or maybe it's just "lost" to me? Hopefully! Because I would really like to have directions to do this. Background: I just went through over a decade of quiltings mags before contributing them to the local quilt guild (Empire Quilters), and that's when I discovered a technique noted, but not explained, in the June 2001 issue of McCall's Quilting. A group called the Scrap-Patch Network posted a picture of a fairly simple quilt they called "Simply Squares" consisting mostly of maybe 6" x 6" square blocks set on point, e.g., in diagonal rows. Ordinarily that would mean added setting trian
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