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  1. Thank you, Jim. I think I will do that. I know the spring is not rubbing against the machine, but perhaps a new assembly would be the key.
  2. Hello again, I posted this topic on the forum about two weeks ago and recieved a few responses. I've also spoken with Amy, but so far my problem hasn't been solved. I've been a machine quilter for 12 years, so I've dealt with tension issues plenty of times. About a month ago, in the middle of a quilt, I started getting random loops on the bottom of the quilt, as though my top thread was too loose, etc. I tried to fix it, like I have hundreds of times over the years. Nothing I've done has fixed this issue. I've adjusted my tension assembly, re-timed, checked for play in the hook shaft collar (there wasn't any), replaced my hook assembly, checked for burrs, etc. People suggested that it's the thread or bobbins. I've tried switching out bobbins and thread....the change makes no difference. The only thing that helps even a little is cranking my top tension so high the thread nearly breaks. And even then, the random loops remain. Like 15-20 per twin size quilt. I'm looking for some ideas, preferably from an admin or someone who has dealt with something similar. Like I said, I'm familiar with many of the basic fixes, but this has me stumped and I cannot continue to work on quilts like this. Please help. Thank you! J
  3. Thanks for the responses. I thought about timing. Replaced the hook assembly. Replaced bobbin case. New tension check spring installed. I've been dealing with this for weeks on multiple quilts, dozens of different threads and bobbins. Given it a good cleaning. It should be a fairly easy fix. I'm just stumped. Thanks to all, though.
  4. Hello all. About two weeks ago my Millennium developed a thread breaking issue along with an occasional loop on the back side of the quilt. I've dealt with tension for twelve years now and I know how to fix most issues, but this has me stumped. I can't seem to get rid of that loop problem. Any tighter and it's constant breakage. Loosen it even a little and there are tons of bottom loops. I'm wondering if the tension assembly needs replacement, which I'm probably going to do either way. I go through a lot of quilts, roughly 600-700 per year, so my machine takes a beating. If anyone has some advanced fixes, please fill me in! I've emailed Amy,but no response and I need some guidance. Thank you!! J