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  1. Yes Cagey! Thank you! lol. I thought I pushed it both directions, but it needs to push to the extreme the other way! Thanks again, Dawn
  2. Ok, setting up my new to me machine. 2008 George There is this cord hanging from a place that looks like where I would plug in the foot pedal. (it is the grey cord with a black female end ) And, the foot pedal jack DOES fit in this cable end. However, it doesn't make George run. My manual does not have anything that looks like this on the back of the machine.It says plug foot pedal directly into back under table. I have no hole to do so. I know he is ready to run, as I've pushed the needle up and down button and it works. Any clues? Anyone?
  3. I'm SO excited! I've been waiting 7 months to find a used George at my budget price. APQS actually had one advertised RIGHT HERE on their website ON SALE just for me He arrived yesterday and today it's like Christmas Can't wait to get him all set up and running!!!!! Dawn
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