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  1. I am looking to buy some more quilting supplies such as bobbins, leaders, bobbin winder, etc. What are your recommendations of businesses you like to use? Thanks!!
  2. Linda, Being a newbie to the website, I am in " awe " of your knowledge not only of Quilting but also of the APQS machines!! I hope someday I can grow to be as knowledgeable as you!! You are a great teacher!! Thank you!! JudyR
  3. This longarm was purchased in late 2011 and was hardly used the first two years as I was still working. The Crown Jewel has an 18 inch throat, built in vertical and horizontal channel locks, a laser(for pantographs), front and rear handles, a ruler base, horizontal spool pin, open toe hopping foot, thread mast, bobbin case, and uses size M bobbins. The 10 ft. Pearl frame has cloth leaders and side clamps which are included. The Crown Jewel has been serviced regularly by a Certified Babylock Technician. The Prostitcher is a 10 inch x 7 inch touch computer screen and is mounted on the fr
  4. For Sale........ Babylock Crown Jewel Longarm Quilting Machine Purchased November 2011 10 ft Pearl Frame Includes Prostitcher Computer with many built in patterns Front and rear handles LCD Display Menus Laser Stylus Built in vertical and horizontal channel lock Uses size M bobbins Ruler base included Horizontal Spool Pin Open Toe Hopping Foot Adjustable cloth leaders and side clamps Instruction and Reference Guide for Crown Jewel Instruction and Reference Guide for Prostitcher Located on the west coast of Florida $15,000.00 Purchaser is responsible for breakdown,
  5. What a magnificent job!! You truly inspire me!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us. Judy :0)
  6. At HMQS,the literature has Lucey paired with the standard table. I was wondering how much extra it would cost to put Lucey with the deluxe table. Thanks :0) Judy
  7. How much do you have to pay additional if you order the deluxe table instead of the standard table for the Lucey? Thanks so much.......Judy
  8. I accidently got dry erase marker on a quilt. How can I take off the mark? Thanks for any help you can give me!!
  9. Teresa, Still thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers!! :0)
  10. Wow......what a beautiful design!! Great job!!
  11. As a newbie I am trying to learn as much as possible. Where can I find information on how to know where to put different designs on your quilt? Example: which designs work well in squares,circles, etc...... Is this something you can read in a book? Or are there certain design principles to follow? Any help given or advice is truly appreciated!! Thanks!!