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  1. I would like to buy this or any other millie with a deal like this. I did buy a Gammill but also loved the Millie I tried out. Quilt Path and Statler have such a big price difference would like one to run on it and one for me to play with. Back to reality I never stumble on these deals till they are gone. Gammill needs auto fabric advance.....they all think I am crazy that there is even such a thing.
  2. I needed some quilt tops to practice long arm quilting with and I saw this and bought it. I just liked the look and it was inexpensive. I have a few blocks to piece on to finish it's mostly done. Can anyone tell me more about the newspapers on the back though?? I would assume they come off before quilting or they would be a soggy mess if you washed it!!
  3. Thanks everyone for all the information. I stopped at a dealers and tried her Lucey. While I was there she explained a lot of this to me, but will also be info for the next person shopping around for their first machine.
  4. I saw the used ones on the site. I love the warranty with them, but to be honest it's kind of vague esp to someone new. I don't see if they even come with a table or photo's or information about the machine. They don't even say if they have stitch regulator or not. Perhaps it's because I am not familiar enough to know that a certain model every year made may have one or all their machines do ect. However there are a couple private sales that I have been checking into. (one high on my list)
  5. I was leaning towards the Kenquilt since the price was very affordable, but it's been a week and no response from the seller so on to the other machines. I've been looking at the better machines there is a Gammill dealer not to far from me and there is a APQS in Dallas but looks closer to where I won't drive in Dallas. The QBot shows it is compatible with the A-1 but not the other brands, I've emailed them but no response back so I will call Monday. ---I checked with the Gammill dealer and they want (forget if it was $14,000 or $16,000) to add it to a machine w/o it. Does anyone know what the Quilt Path runs to be added on? And no I am not looking at adding it right away b/c I will be maxed out, but it will give me idea's for the best route to go. I just feel that I would make more use of having a long arm if I can get it to work while I am able to sit and sew beside it. Still wondering if I am only doing a couple quilts a month if that Baby Crown Jewel with the software would be more than enough to please me esp since it has the upgraded frame. I am still sewing on the 33 year old Singer I bought when I was 16. Although it was brand new and did cost a lot in those days. ...lol
  6. wow, I feel like today is the day to decide. 2 more machines within a few hours of me both were posted this morning. 2009 A-1 Excellent condition/well cared for machine. PLUS Power fabric advance, roll around caster set, & many additional quilting tools, gadgets, & pantos. NOT computerized but is upgrade able. This is a really nice machine. Beautiful stitch quality; very dependable. $11,500 so is over my budget a little. Not sure if they might work with me. Gammill Optimum Plus 2004 Long Quilting machine with 14 ft. table, 30 inch throat. Regulated stitch control. Great condition, sews beautifully. Has laser tracker but not sure what that is and tried to google but this is right at my budget. Both very close in price
  7. The Ken Quilt color is red. I think it may be a Prince or Princess ? It has an 18 throat. I looked on QBOT's website I didn't see Ken Quilt listed as a model it would work with. Actually didn't see any of the bigger machines will it work on Ken Quilt ,Gammill, APQS and these type machines? The Babylock is the Crown Jewel with the 18 throat also. It comes with the Pearl frame.
  8. My quilting will mostly be for myself. A home hobby. I am looking at getting a long arm and have couple that I am interested in. There is an older Gammill Decorative Quilter on 14 ft table near me. I am pretty sure this is an early model long arm and frame looks wood. $1000 There is also a 2010 18 inch Ken Quilt. Red has regal stitch regulator on it for $4500. Also near me. There is a Baby Lock Jewel with the Quilt Motion software with almost no use on it. $8500. The Gammill looks like an old work horse but it doesn't appear to have any handles and used in rear position. I am pretty sure it doesn't have any modern features on it. The Ken Quilt is no longer in business and that worries me a little but the machine looks solid. The one thing that would thrill me more than anything though is to have the robotic software that the Baby Lock has. Could this even be added to the Ken Quilt at some point considering they aren't even in Business? Is there something compatible for it? IMO Baby Lock makes some nice sewing machines and sergers but I really don't know anything about there long arms.
  9. I see it's been awhile since this was posted but by chance is this still available?
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