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  1. Thank you michele, Michele and I have an appt. To look at and run The machine. I can assure you YES this is a Legitimate ad. Sorry for anyone thinking Differently.
  2. Hi wanda, I apologize, I do not have pictures at this time.
  3. [Hi maryanne, im asking $5,000.00quote name=marynannyanne" post="511309" timestamp="1426684664]Price???
  4. Clifton park, ny. 2004 milli for sale Need to sell due to death in the family 12 ft. Table,stencils, batting, tons of threads. Won't last long!!
  5. For sale: located in Clifton park, ny. 2004 milli for sale, 12 ft. Table, stencils, large Roll batting, Large number of pyramid spools of threads, in various colors! Asking $5,000.00. Also dealer available to Help. (Extra charge but necessary)