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  1. Thank you to those who responded. I want to get ahold of him this way before another I have to go a different way. I just need to get what is owed to me rightfully. Waiting 4 months is long enough. Thanks for the help.
  2. Good evening ladies! Has any one heard from Dave Jones? He took my Millie back in September from my home. I have not heard from him since then. I have tried to call him but no answer. I then called Deloa. She stated he would find out what is going on with my money and would let me know. She called me in November stating he would be in contact with me in December with my money for my machine. I still have not heard from him and just needed help finding him for my money. So if someone could let me know soon I would really appreciate it. Those machine are not cheap and would like my money. Thank you and have a great year!
  3. I requested to purchase them a week ago. Are they still for sale?? I asked for an invoice and did not get them. How do I need to pay you?? Please let me know I do want the items!!!!! . .?
  4. Thank you Sherry. I am sorry to any I have offened
  5. Yes that was my first choice of machines. I ordered it an was told that it was on order. Next thing the used gammill was sold to a different party. So I started looking at the APQS. I liked the forum of different questions and all the help you could get. So I started doing more research on APQS. I myself has to work but I do get back in a timely manner if possible. I am glad that you took the time to follow me and my search for a machine. Yes I did purchase the Millie. I am very excited and feel that I will have more support here then the other machine. Yes the machine is a 2009 with all the bells and whistles! I wanted to do the same with the one I was looking to buy from you. But did not want to wait and hope for a response. I am happy with what I now have. Things happen for a reason!! So I did move on. Have a great weekend!,
  6. No thank you. I waited for a response but never got one so I just purchased another machine that I found.
  7. How do you want to do it? Never done this before. I can send a cashiers check but not until Tuesday bank are closed.
  8. I will need the invoice and address where to get the machine for the guy that will be getting it for me. He has requested it to get in routed . I will give you his name and when he will be there.
  9. THANK YOU THANK YOu I can hardly wait to get her in my hands and get my family covered in warmth and love!!
  10. Ok I do not have a cell phone I work 18 hours on Saturday. So I will have to call you on Sunday , if that's ok. But do consider it sold. Can you make up a list of the items for the invoice! Thank you. Have a great weekend.
  11. Will you table take the new bliss system?
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