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  1. What causes skipped stitches? New needle, threaded right, tension feels good otherwise.
  2. The Last Goodbye is a memorial quilt designed to honor my family. The six of us are all in here even though we were never six all together. My brother passed away as an infant, my father when I was 8. I spent a week in LaVeta, Colorado with Ricky Tims designing this quilt. I wanted to learn how to make a rhapsody quilt, and use that opportunity to design this quilt at the same time. The center square in the Log Cabin blocks is fabric from my fathers tie, the only thing I have of his. The 2 dark blocks represent my 2 brothers and the 2 light blocks represent my sister and I. The cream backgrou
  3. Thank You everyone for your kind words! It has truly been an interesting journey, and even though 41 years have passed since I last saw him, he is always in my heart. He was a good man with a great sense of humour. I see him in my children, and now in my art.
  4. I started this quilt in June 2014 at a retreat in LaVeta Colorado with Ricky Tims. The idea for this quilt was in my head for a while and when this opportunity came up to attend his week long retreat, I knew the time was right for The Last Goodbye. The centre of the log cabin blocks in the middle of the large diamond are fabric from a tie. That was the only thing I had that was my fathers. He passed away in 1975, when I was 8. With Ricky's guidance, along with encouragement from my studio mates that were at the retreat at the same time from Sparrow's Studioz in Edmonton, The Last Goodbye was d
  5. Thanks everyone! Truly overwhelmed by your replies! Regarding how I did the border: I drew a grid on a 45 degree angle as I moved down the quilt. I used a blue wash away marker from Clover. Then I stitched continuous curves from intersection to intersection. Once those were stitched I then free motioned swirls inside the diamond shape that the CC'S created. When I was at the top of the quilt I questioned my sanity,but as the pattern appeared I saw how pretty it looked and this kept me motivated to finish it. You can read my blog post about this quilt at http://www.theyegquilter.com/meanderings
  6. The Secret Garden was a quilt that has taken me beyond my anywhere I have gone before. I am not always a patient quilter, the faster its done, the better so this being slow work was hard to wrap my brain around. It was a lot of fun and I am pleased with the results.
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