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  1. I believe I recall you posting your first quilt here--what I remember most was it wasn't a beginner type pattern and you did a fabulous job on it! I have an older version of Quilt Pro loaded on a desktop. I haven't upgraded to anything newer because I haven't had the need to--this does the job for me. Between QP, Moda Bake Shop patterns, occasional Craftsy pattern I may like, and drafting vintage blocks that I set and revise in some updated way on QP.....I got sooo many plans for quilts, I hope I live long enough to make alllll the quilts I got going on in my head! I guess if my desktop goes down, I will be buying another Quilt Pro or EQ. I know my version of QP 4 won't load on any Windows beyond Vista.....
  2. Whew, on the chemo thing! That would have had you down for nearly two years; ask me how I know! I am glad you are getting back to yourself and back at your sewing machines! I'm sure that feels great! Thanks for sharing your great news! Rock on, from one surviving sister to another
  3. Renee Haddadin youtube video on setting and fine tuning a check spring. She's on an Innova but I think it's helpful for any brand. If that check spring is tired or set too loose or tight, it's a problem.
  4. That quilt and quilting are very cool! It looks like it was fun to quilt; sans the hand cramps and all....thanks for the pics! I know your customer is so very pleased.
  5. This is the exact machine that I have, except on an 11 foot frame and mine is a 2005. It is very easy to maintain and makes a nice stitch. I swear this thing will last forever; just like an APQS. Nolting customer service is outstanding, no matter who you bought from, they will go the extra mile to help The SR on this machine is Intellistitch2kn; I've had no problems on mine and I've either got the settings tweaked just right or learned how to move it so there's no 'long stitch'. Great price for this machine...., especially with the delivery and set up! One thing though.... I do believe that Y axis encoder is supposed to riding down inside the tracks. Good luck with your sale.
  6. Add me to the "not a square quilt person" club. Regardless, I think this quilt is very pretty. I love the colors. My elderly mother would LOVE! She loves hot air balloons.
  7. That is the coolest pattern! My brothers and I would have loved that as kids. You did a super nice job on this; the quilting is fantastic.
  8. It always did strike me as silly when I would read that this machine or that machine did not "like" a certain thread. But I was right there for a bit, as mine did not "like" Rainbows, LOL, at least for a couple of years. Now it runs anything I put on it. PS-- I am green with envy over your shelves for thread. I have run out of space where I have been storing mine; I am looking for something new and compact. Will probably have to go with the under the table Ikea set up I saw on this forum a few weeks ago.
  9. Hi, quilt tech sells this APQS one for a nice price. I drive a Nolting and purchased their horizontal spool holder. It definitely comes in handy when I run YLI metallics and silk spools so I'm glad to have it. http://quilttech.com/product/apqs-horizontal-spool-holder/
  10. I bought my first longarm in 1994 sight unseen without laying hands one, ever. Back then there just wasn't the wealth of info that there is now. My manufacturer knew me on a first name basis, that is how often I called. If I had known that Pam Clark, Dawn Cavanaugh, Linda Taylor, and Marcia Stevens were out there doing the same thing, I would have hunted them down!! LOLOL Buy first I say!
  11. Perfect finishing touch on such an awesome quilt! The quilting is spectacular! Thanks for sharing it here.
  12. Super ambitious first quilt! You did fantastic! I love everything about it! You always remember your first....My first was in 1993. I had intended on making just ONE. I went into Joann Fabric's, was planning on just buying several different kinds of yardage, cutting it up and sewing it together. A helpful sales lady recommended Eleanor Burn's "Log Cabin Quilt in a Day" and I bought it, along with a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler that Log Cabin quilt was my first! Within a week I was back at Joann's buying more fabric to make another Log Cabin, LOL. Soon I was buying more Eleanor Burn's books, found her PBS series and bought my first longarm in 1994! Yeah, I fell hard and fast for quilting, LOLOL. I wish I knew who that Joann sales lady was.....I would love to thank her; she surely has no idea of the world that she had opened up for me. I am so grateful; truly.
  13. I like Hobbs Wool on a roll from Linda's Electric Quilters. http://www.longarmsupplies.net/hobbsheirloomwashablewoolbatt.aspx
  14. Renae Haddadin has a really good youtube video on setting a check spring. It's the factory setting for an Innova but the basic instructions are helpful for any brand.
  15. While SR is a nice option to have, it definitely isn't a necessity to do great quilting. There was no such thing for years; my first machine didn't have it and I quilted on it for ten years. I did upgrade to a machine with Intellistitch in 2004 and I love it but I find that I use mostly just for ruler work. I just "flow" better in non regulated. Practice, practice, practice....you will be fine.
  16. Besides my stool as I don't stand anymore to quilt, I bought a car jack that use to tweak the level of my frame; super handy. My house is nearly 100 years old, my floors can be a little shifty. BTW, I like that tray Mary Beth. I have something similar.... I use it all the time.
  17. Oh that is super cute; nice job. Nice you will be getting more space too. I am guessing you are a nurse, battynurse. I am as well.
  18. Wow great studio! Love the hardwood, crown molding and space. It's all so fresh!
  19. I am remembering to enter when I come to forum which is probably 3 or 4 times a week but I don't have good luck at winning things at all, LOL. I have won one thing in life. Twenty some years ago I won 100 gallons of heating oil for the house that I rented at the time. Actually, I was very lucky as I really needed something like that at that point in my life! I remember being thrilled about it and who gets thrilled over heating oil, really? LOL I really want to go MQX East, having never been to any of the big shows in all of the years that I've been quilting. The problem that I have is frequent, severe migraines and it sometimes (well, yeah, often) tends to ruin any kind of plans I make for the future. I would hate to financially commit to this only to not be able make it there because I'm in bed with a migraine. Imitrex often works but sometimes it does not.
  20. Isn't it funny how tightening the bobbin can sometimes cure bobbin flat lining? I was having a problem with intermittent bobbin flat lining and did all kinds of troubleshooting and it was tightening up that bobbin tension that made it better. I do have a Nolting which tend to like to run a bit of a tighter tension than most LA's. My normal Towa pull is 24. (240 on the newer Towa's)
  21. I had to quit posting pictures of my work on FB as my non quilting friends thought it would be so! much! fun! for me to make them a quilt! They just wouldn't leave me alone no matter how times I said I no. Hey, just because it's my hobby, does mean I do it for the cost of fabric! Or the cost of my time either. I quilt to de-stess. I am not stessing over making YOUR quilt. Unless I WANT to. Believe me, I have made plenty of quilts for plenty of people for plenty of reasons. But they were people that I chose, for reasons that were my own. That Houston wholecloth is stunning. The maker's name escapes me but I saw it posted somewhere a few days ago. The story behind it is beautiful; it is a memorial tribute to her mother.
  22. Maybe lower a little? There's no APQS dealers in Western PA according to their map; that should help your sale, I would think.... Sorry you are not well. Hope you are better soon.