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    fallenfar reacted to TerriVB in Accuquilt Barn Quilt Contest--WINNER!!   
    I just want to thank all those who voted for my block in the Accuquilt contest. We kept the block in the top five which was super cool!! After they added five more blocks to the final count--My block was chosen as the Grand Prize winner.
    I am over the top excited!
    So anytime after June 9 and you are traveling along I80 in Omaha you will see my design on the side of their factory!! Cant wait to see it!!!
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    fallenfar got a reaction from NollR in Thank for for all the prayers for me! Early detection is important!   
    Whew, on the chemo thing!  That would have had you down for nearly two years; ask me how I know!  I am glad you are getting back to yourself and back at your sewing machines!  I'm sure that feels great!  Thanks for sharing your great news!  Rock on, from one surviving sister to another
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    fallenfar reacted to NollR in Thank for for all the prayers for me! Early detection is important!   
    This is the first time I'm  on here since my surgery in February. I'm doing well - not 100% but getting there.
     After no risk factors, I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in early January. My oncologist told me I shouldn't have gotten cancer - but I did. My breast cancer ended up being stage 2 and was hidden in the mammogram because of dense breast tissue. Thankfully I was sent for an  ultrasound  at the same time, which caught it because I couldn't feel anything! Know your breast density girls and it you have heterogeneously dense or extremely dense breasts , talk to your doctor for additional screening - it could save your life! It did mine!!
    Thankfully no chemo is in the future for me - but 10 years on hormone therapy. I also have 1 maybe 2 more surgeries to finish the reconstruction process.  I actually sat at my sewing machine last week and sewed for the first time in months. This week I'm going to load one of my quilts on my long arm frame to quilt it to see how I can handle standing and working all day. I need to get back to work for something to do and also for the income!
    Thanks for all the prayers ! Support cancer research - there WILL be cures in the future!
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    fallenfar reacted to Little House Creations in Finally quilted my "Swoon"   
    I finally put my Swoon quilt (Thimble Blossoms) on Freeda - my most ambitious quilting to date  Continuous Curves in the swoon block; Curved crosshatching and feathers in white areas . . . I used the leftovers from making all those HSTs to make a pinwheel border.  I used two layers of batting - Hobbs Wool on top; Hobbs 80/20 underneath; Glide thread; Lisa Calle's ProEcho Rulers. 

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    fallenfar got a reaction from Oma in Hot Air Balloon quilt   
    Add me to the "not a square quilt person" club.  Regardless, I think this quilt is very pretty.  I love the colors.  My elderly mother would LOVE!  She loves hot air balloons.
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    fallenfar reacted to dlnewell in Dallas Quilt Show   
    So, my friend who is a prolific piecer, who is also named Debbie, entered these three quilts into the Dallas show this past weekend.  I quilted them all...but no ribbons.  I didn't actually snap a photo of the spool quilt there, but she had sewn the sleeve on so that the heart wreaths were upside down.  There were quite a few pretty quilts that I thought deserved ribbons but weren't awarded any. 
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    fallenfar reacted to Mary Beth in Hot Air Balloon quilt   
    I like it. I think you are looking too close 
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    fallenfar reacted to Sheagatzi in The Unpardonable Sin-Calling A Quilt A Blanket   
    blanket-  an offensive piece of wool or polar fleece or yarn that attracts my yellow lab's fur like a supermega magnet and rarely gets removed by washing and drying.
    quilt -  throw in the wash,  dog hair is gone.  

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    fallenfar reacted to kkey1030 in The Thread's a thread   
    So last summer when I was waiting for my finances to settle, I knew I was ordering a Millie, and started setting up my room and "gear" so I could hit the ground running when the machine arrived.  After talking to a friend who runs a longarm business (different brands), he told he he used Superior's "Omni" thread almost exclusively.  So I subscribed to their Omni thread of the month and started getting three spools of Omni thread every month. I also Bought a dozen or so spools of my favorite colors.
    Then I started talking to APQS owners who told me that Omni wouldn't work well.  So I panicked and cancelled my subscription. I have a lovely collection of very colorful threads that I have been afraid to use because of my well-meaning friends.  
    BUT, every day I have begun to practice free motion quilting with Malcolm (my Millie).  Slowly improving and learning.  This morning, I finally decided I was going to try my Omni thread and see what problems I had with it.  None.  Not a single problem.  It stitched out beautifully without even making an adjustment!  I understand that it is a 40 wt thread and so I'll want to keep it for when I want the thread to show, as it's not going to slip into the fabric like a 60 wt might, but it looks simply glorious on my practice blocks.  
    What's my point?  YOUR experience will be different than anyone else's because you are YOU.  Don't be afraid to play and try new things.  When I took my beginner's class with Dawn Cavenaugh, she told us to play--to tweak and try everything because the machine can handle it!  Sometimes I forget.  
    Try new things.  Do what others tell you won't work.  It just might work for you!  Now, I'm going back to play!  I'll attach a photo of my threads.  40 wt on the left, 50 wt in the middle and 60 wt on the right hand side.

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    fallenfar reacted to JuneR in Dreams do come true   
    After 10+ years of dreaming of a APQS long arm, she will arrive on Tuesday. I'm very excited for the arrival of my certified 2015 Lucey to get here.
    It's been along time dreaming of one and finally it's coming true.  Don't give up on your dreams, it could be right around the corner.  Lots of learning
    to do, but looking forward to it.  I'm sure I will be looking to this forum for lots of great tips and advice. Keep dreaming..................
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    fallenfar got a reaction from Gail O in Dreamin   
    I bought my first longarm in 1994 sight unseen without laying hands one, ever.  Back then there just wasn't the wealth of info that there is now.  My manufacturer knew me on a first name basis, that is how often I called.  If I had known that Pam Clark, Dawn Cavanaugh, Linda Taylor, and Marcia Stevens were out there doing the same thing, I would have hunted them down!!  LOLOL 
    Buy first I say!
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    fallenfar got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Dreamin   
    I bought my first longarm in 1994 sight unseen without laying hands one, ever.  Back then there just wasn't the wealth of info that there is now.  My manufacturer knew me on a first name basis, that is how often I called.  If I had known that Pam Clark, Dawn Cavanaugh, Linda Taylor, and Marcia Stevens were out there doing the same thing, I would have hunted them down!!  LOLOL 
    Buy first I say!
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    fallenfar got a reaction from jannyd in Wanted used longarm, ultimate, HQ16, Tin Lizzy etc   
    No quilter is left behind with a price like that, awesome.
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    fallenfar reacted to deloajones in Wanted used longarm, ultimate, HQ16, Tin Lizzy etc   
    I have a HQ for 3500.00 delivered to your home
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    fallenfar reacted to LisaC in Desert 9 Patch   
    Here is my version of Karen  Montgomery's Painted Desert quilt. I made the top two years ago and couldn't quite decide on a quilting design. Once I did; I needed (wanted) a circle maker to execute the sunburst design. My talented husband made me one for Christmas and I commenced to stitching circles. I ditched the entire quilt with Sew Fine and then used a salmon variegated Magnifico thread by Superior for the sunbursts; and Glide Prickly Pear for the grid work. I used Lisa Calle's Pro-Echo rulers to do the Continuous Curves. I love how it turned out and am pleased with the results. Thank you for looking.
    Desert 9 Patch by Lisa C., on Flickr
    Desert 9 Patch by Lisa C., on Flickr
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    fallenfar reacted to chickenscratch in exhibition piece   
    Here is one I finished that will become part of a vendor booth at Dallas Quilt show next weekend.

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    fallenfar got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Luminous Splendor is done!   
    Perfect finishing touch on such an awesome quilt!  The quilting is spectacular!  Thanks for sharing it here.
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    fallenfar reacted to dbams in thread   
    Be advised that the Jamie Wallen video, although helpful, does not apply to every machine.  Although I know a lot of APQS (and other brand) users can run their machines that way, I found that his method caused big tension issues for me.  Every machine is different, and for me, the best thing is the Towa gauge.
    Jamie has a lot of great videos on You Tube, and I'm not saying his tension method is bad, just that it doesn't work for me.
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    fallenfar reacted to Merryjo2003 in Thread painting n Millie   
    Hi all, I finally eked out enough time to get this project done! It's for my sister's birthday. I'm safe posting here as she's not a quilter and doesn't frequent the forum. Formally, it was for Christmas 2 years ago, then last Christmas, well, now for her birthday. I just never have time for my own stuff! I broke 4 needles in the process as the stitching is really dense and I was going way too fast. I finally slowed down and the problem ceased. I never go through needles like that, so I know it was the density and speed that caused my problem. This started out like a pencil sketch and looks nothing like it originally looked. I sooooo love to do this! It was also a warm up as I have to do a large moose for a customer.
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    fallenfar reacted to jimerickson in avoiding turkey tracks   
    Tighten the top tension.
    I'm going to complain again about the terms some folks use to identify long arm parts.  In this case, the bobbin "finger".  I believe what's being referred to, is the bobbin tension spring.  Or is it the "finger" that holds the bobbin basket in place?  See what I mean.  It makes giving advise more difficult because there can be confusion about what's being referred to.  Please try and use the actual name of the part when referencing your machine.  If you don't know what it's called, do some research and try to identify it properly.  Thanks.  Jim
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    fallenfar reacted to jimerickson in Batting   
    Sheila:  I recently began using wool batting,  The loft is lovely, it sews like a dream and is light in weight.  The only short coming I see is the cost, about twice that of cotton poly.  It's my go to batting.  Jim
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    fallenfar reacted to Primitive1 in Great quilting friends   
    I love to hear stories like this!  You all are great!
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    fallenfar reacted to Gator in Great quilting friends   
    Mary Beth, I'm glad you received the box.  I feel we quilter's have a special bond between us and are ready to help each other anyway we can.  Material things are good, but I really enjoy and appreciate the helpful advice, the words of encouragement and the ooos and awwwwws when our work is commented on.  Just knowing that someone out there thinks enough to read and comment on what I write is worth a million dollars or more. (whether it's quilt related or NQR).  Have fun with the rulers, my heart feels good knowing that they are making someone happy and not gathering dust.  Can't wait to see your first "new" quilt. 
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    fallenfar reacted to Mary Beth in Great quilting friends   
    I posted that I was back, and buying a used machine. So excited to get back in the groove. I made a statement that I wanted to start slow, and just wanted to get a couple of rulers, then start practicing. I received a personal message from Connie, "Gator", telling me that she now has a computer on her machine, and doesn't really use some of her rulers so she asked for my address. She said that I had helped her so much when she first started quilting, and she wanted to help me. Wow, first of all, I didn't think I really helped anyone. I know I asked a ton of questions, and laughed at myself a lot....anyone remember my attempt at McTavishing. Anyway, I guess you never know how you help people along the way. Today I received a box that seemed a little too heavy for a couple of rulers. Connie, girl, you out did yourself. I could not have helped you this much. Seven rulers/templates. and 2 packages of BOBs. I am truly blessed!!! Thank you sweet Gator    I hope I meet you at MQS, cause I am gonna squeeze your neck!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Can't wait to get that machine set up and start practicing. 
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    fallenfar reacted to bevhquilter in Tension Spring Replacement - Worried   
    I did the replacement myself with instructions that Barb sent me.  It wasn't hard and I was very careful to align everything just so.  I was having some thread breakage and found that I had a rough spot on my hook assembly, so while I was working on the machine, I smoothed that out with some emery cloth.  All is working well now: no thread breakage, good tension.  I'm a happy quilter!  Really appreciate all of your comments.