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  1. Isn't it great!! I can spend much longer at the machine without aching shoulders - and STD is a breeze -even diagonals. :P:P Judith Fosse Southern Illinois
  2. Lori, I also have an older Millie #2165, probably a 2002, so I also cannot upgrade with the Glide. I have had Bliss for about a month. I am very happy with it. I find that I can put just about any stitch right where I want it. I do a lot of applique quilts for customers -the control is amazing. Judith Fosse Southern Illinois
  3. Thanks, Michael!! I will call you Monday. However you can go ahead and package up the front stylus for me. I definately want it. Judith
  4. Apparently my orginal problem was because I hadn't contacted Michael. When I first attached Cirdle Lord stylus many years ago it went right over the crossbar which already had the holes. My new one does not. DH couldn't wait for me to get answers from anyone. He drilled holes and "threads". He is retired military, built his own plane and has to do things his own way. I try not to argue as his fix works more often than not. But he can't cook. It is now attached and works great. That will do it for the boards. Now I am going to have to work on getting the "circle lord" to work from the front. My Millie is older and it doesn't fit on the bars like the newer models will. I have talked to Michael about that at MQS andhe hadn't worked that out yet. Hei s aware of the problem - in fact, he told me about it last fall when I had tried to order it. I'lll call him Monday. BTW the Bliss works wonderfully. I played with feathers this morning and had no trouble back tracking! Judith;)
  5. We are setting up Bliss on my Millie today. Rather my dear patient husband is setting it up while I keep his coffee cup replenished. Table is up ready to receive the machine head. We see no way to reattach the stylus fro the Circle Lord to use with the boards. It was easily attached to the old cross bar. Anyone do this already? Judith Fosse 2002 Millie who loved her Circle Lord!
  6. I SID each block and then do lots of different circles inside. Stipple some areas to make them pop. JUdith Fosse Millie anxiously waitiing for Bliss:):P
  7. I'll be there sometime Sunday through Thursday. It will be interesting. We are now heading to Florida (from Illinois) for DH military reunion and most importantly for him to fly in the WWII fighter Mustang. We will get back to Illinois around noon Sunday and have to leave within an hour to Kansas City. Fortunately my partner-in-quilting shows will do that leg of driving! BTW We drove through Nashville this afternoon. They have some real problems after the flooding there. Major highways closed, death count climbing. could certanly use prayers. Judith Fosse Southern Illinois (Spending thr night in Warner Robins, GA):cool:
  8. I will be arriving late afternoon on Saturday. ! think that this is my 6th year. My traveling pal has to miss this year. Her daughter is graduating from college that week - very thoughtless of her. I'm staying at the Sheraton until Thursday. See yoy'all there! :P:P;):P:P Judith Fosse Southern Illinois
  9. I just scanned the latest issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting. There on pg. 46 is a stunning picture of an art quilt created by our own Jim Langland and Marilyn Badger. Two of my favorite people -( long story for another day). Absolutely beautiful! Judith Fosse Southern Illinois Purring Millie
  10. You are absolutely right. And while its the mom who is the republican, I certainly wish our president all the best. He is facing some gigantic problems and definitelyt needs our prayers. And he is from Illinois......... :) Judith Fosse Southern Illinois
  11. I am another one who was never active duty but followed military. My Dad was Army Air Corp which turned into the Air Force 2nd DH was Air Force (1st was just a civilian dud), both Dad and Jim spent 30+ years in uniform and saw action in World War II and Vietnam. My youngest son is a commander in the Coast Guard and is now assigned to the White House. I have no idea why he was aboard (and will never kinow) but he did call me from Air Force One. Sorta made my day - wonder if they would have put the call through if they knew it was going to a died in the wool republican! How many days to MQS! Judith Fosse Verry Southern Illinois
  12. Hi Mary Beth, My birthday is also June 21. The year is a government secret. It fun having the longest day of the year, first day of summer (on most calenders), there is something else which has escaped my head for the moment. I was raised thinking I was a gimini but now I see the 21st being a Cancer. My dear brother always said that I have many personalities = all of which picked on him. No quilt for him! My Dad has been gone for many years, I always loved it when father's day fell on my birthday/ It was our day and we always did something just for the two of us. :D:D Judith Fosse Shivering in Southern Illinois
  13. Verry Nice! I just purchased the mini feather template -now for the perfect quilt try it on................. Judith Fosse Southern Illinois:D:D:D
  14. I have used these trays for several years on my Millie. I use two. They ride the bars fine when I advance the quilt. At first I was concerned that they would damage the leaders by the ubbing but haven't. :P Sure is nice to have tools so handy. Judith Fosse Southern Illinois
  15. Gee, Linda - the rulers aren\'t suppose to go under the hopping foot? I\'ll bet that\'s why mine have all those nicks in them. VBG Actually the worse damage I did with a ruler was leaving one on top while advancing the quilt. Now I have 2 short wavy rulers instead of one long one. Off the Edge has a CD on ways to use their rulers - I always come home from a show with a batch of rulers and have already forgotten what neat trick the demo was about whch caused me to hand over the smoking debit card. Judith Fosse Southern Illinois