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  1. Thanks Gail, My husband and I looked at it again this morning, we noticed one side arm was tilted slightly forward, so just realigning the side arms, allowed the ruler base to slide with ease under the quilt top bar. Such an easy fix, as usual, it ended up being our error. Thanks again for your input, it’s always very helpful!
  2. Thanks Gail, I’ve looked and it doesn’t look like I can raise it, it just barely touches it, so I was thinking that perhaps I could just take the canvas leader off, and store it, I think that would give me the extra room to squeeze under the quilt top bar. I just thought that maybe APQS had an attachment that would replace the whole bar, that way I could always put the quilt top bar back in place, if I decide to not do too much ruler work in the future. Thanks again,
  3. I would like to remove my quilt top roller as I float all my quilts. I do quite a it of ruler work with the Hartley base, and the base bumps into the top roller quite often, so I’m losing a few inches of quilting space. I’ve seen in older posts people did this with an accessory called the Texas Hold en Bar, which allowed you to set the brakes. I have a 2016 Lenni on a 10 foot table, with the bliss upgrade, thanks so much for any advice.
  4. Thanks again to everyone. I’ve taken out what little basting I had on the bottom2/3 of my quilt, pinning lots as I go now and trying the floating. It’s looking much better!
  5. Thanks Jim, I’ve ripped out my existing basting and have gotten the creases out of my backing, so that’s good. When I pin with the safety pins, is it okay to leave them in as the quilt is rolled back and forth? Or do the safety pins just go in the section your currently quilting on.
  6. Thanks so much, I’ll go back and add more basting and try rerolling to work out the wrinkles. Next time I’ll know better,
  7. About 1/3 through my quilting, and I’m now getting creases in my backing fabric, how can I get these out? I’ve got a lenni, and doing lots of thread changes and appliqué work, so have been rolling the quilt back and forth as I go, I did do some basting before starting, horizontally across my quilt about every 15 to 20 inches apart. I have manual advance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, gail
  8. I go in every direction,my lenni seems happy to do it!
  9. Did try this really no difference though, the throat space on my lenni is limited maybe that is why. Any other advice? Thanks Gail
  10. Sara, did you find a solution to this. My new lenni does this as well. Vibration by about speed of 9.5 and calming down at a speed of 13 or 14. Problem is I want to quilt at a speed of ten or 11, and it vibrates and bounces so bad I can't see to quilt.. Thanks for any direction you may be able to provide. Gail
  11. Thanks, I will give it a try tomorrow and let you know
  12. I have a one year old lenni that vibrates when running, I always thought it was because it needed broke in, but not getting better. The vibration is worse when in stitch regulated mode, so bad that I can't use a panto as the vibration makes it hard to follow. I've cleaned rails, kept oiled, the table is level. It's on a 10 foot bliss table. Any suggestions on how to get the machine not to vibrate would be greatly appreciated, as getting frustrated.... Thanks so much, I get more black 'crud' built on on the front wheel on this one side, keep cleaning it with a soft cloth. Not much build
  13. My new lenni does much the same, very random, and both in manual mode and stitch regulated. Sometimes a change in top tension seems to help. Interested to hear any follow up. Good luck with your show quilt, Gail
  14. Just the one, but you can buy a package of 3 extra feet. These feet are interchangeable with other apqs machines.
  15. I tried adjusting my needle position, from 6:30 to 6:35, seems to be working much better, not sure why, but perhaps you could try that Jackie, if you haven't already. Gail
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