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  1. I have loved this Ultimate II as well Jim. It has been such a great machine, and I love the way the stitches look beautiful on the front and back.
  2. Ultimate II Longarm quilting Machine Great workhorse of a machine! Brand new motor, and newly cleaned and serviced. Works perfectly! Looking to upgrade, but I need to sell my machine first. It has been a wonderful machine, and a dream to quilt with. Table breaks down into two 5' sections. New Sheri Butler foot added to do ruler work. Great machine for just starting out! Purchaser is responsible for shipping/pickup. Thanks for looking! Located in California. Features: - 10' Lenni Stowaway table - 10 L bobbins - Hartley base extender - Straight ruler - Pantograph cover - Handles in front and back - Under handle light - 2 Pantographs - Sidewinder bobbin winder - Oiler - Instruction manual and DVD Asking $2500
  3. That's a great idea chickenscratch! The upper one does have a little wear, and I flipped it around, but maybe it's still catching. I will check it tonight.
  4. Hi all! I just purchased a used ultimate II machine last week. So far it has been great, except every once in a while the thread will start to break or shred, and the stitches will skip. It is not every time just every once in a while. Does it sound like a timing issue? I have checked for burrs, cleaned and oiled everything and changed the needle. Tension seems to be just right The top thread and bottom thread have no loops peeking through. I have done the drop test with the bobbin, and then set the upper tension after that. I am using a cotton thread, maybe I need to hydrate the spool? I have a brand new needle in place. I am fairly new to the long arm quilting world, and would really appreciate the advice. Thanks, Ginger
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