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  1. I'm sorry I didn't post that. I am in Woodburn, OR, just south of Portland.
  2. We are moving so I must part with my quilting machine. It is a basic free motion machine. The APQS Ultimate. The table is 14' long. I use it with 2 rails, that works great for me, but I do have all the rails, 5 total. It has handles front and back. Also it has the pantograph plexiglass, with a couple of rolls included. It includes a laser pointer for easily doing pantographs. I last used it in December 2016, which is the last picture. It has been covered and sitting since then so probably could use a service.
  3. Betsy, I think I will do that first thing in the morning. Thanks, Annette
  4. I am a new to me owner of a very basic APQS Ultimate II machine and table. (a very happy new owner, I might add) We have it installed, oiled freshened up and running on a practice quilt. Does anyone know if I can download a pdf manual for this machine? I've never owned a Longarm machine before and there are questions that perhaps a manual would answer. My girlfriend, a longtime professional quilter came over and got me started but I'd like to be able to look things up instead of calling her when I have a question. Thank you for your help. Annette
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