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  1. I almost always use QD select cotton in my tshirt quilts. I use boards and stitch about 1" apart. They look great but I'm wanting to try the QD wool and a panto. Any problems using wool batting in a tshirt quilt?
  2. I should refund each client $100 just for the expressions they make when they see their completed t-shirt quilt! Seriously - its extremely rewarding to turn someone's life into a beautiful handmade quilt. I've never had anyone complain and I get repeat business. But I also treat every quilt like its my own and is made of precious jewels. My basic charge is $16/tshirt + $2/sq ft for edge-to-edge quilting (non computerized on a Lucy) Here's what they get: I meet them at my local mom/pop quilt store (where I buy all my fabric). They bring t-shirts and I bring 3 sample quilts that show the 3 board patterns I use When it comes to fabric choices I do any of these: I pick out the fabric based on their favorite colors They pick out their fabric (mostly with my help but always 100% cotton) They give me color options and later I put several groups of fabric together, txt pics, and wait for client to provide feedback. The price includes interfacing, sashing, blocks, borders, batting, high quality 100% cotton muslin backing, Omni thread, needles, and supplies. What adds to the basic pricing: If the client wants a non-muslin backing I only charge the difference in price from what I paid for the muslin and what I pay for their backing fabric. In these cases I buy up to 1 yd more backing fabric than I think I need but don't charge them for this overage. If there is a repeating pattern on the backing fabric I like to match up where the seams are so this takes more fabric. I also charge $15 in this case for sewing the backing together, ironing the seam etc. Any t-shirt that takes extra work is an additional $5. For example - sports jerseys that are thick or button down shirts Any photo that they want printed on fabric is an additional $10-$21. I scan the photos myself but use a professional printer. If the client wants their fabric pre-washed I charge $35. In this case I hand wash it and hang dry. Takes longer but I like to do it this way. If they want their quilt tomorrow its an additional $5,795.00 Nobody's taken me up on this yet! Whew. In a word - DO IT! Charlie
  3. Thanks y'all. The customer sent me diagrams of how she wanted the jerseys and photos laid out. And the colors are the college her daughter is attending. The board design is Spirals 8-Large/Small by R&S Design. The family gave this quilt to their daughter as her graduation present. they sent me pictures of her graduation party while opening the quilt.
  4. After renting Lucey and Lenni machines for the past 4 years I bought my own! I didn't have room at my house so I rented a friend's unused basement. Received a 2015 blissed Lucey today. Got stuck during the setup and received fantastic customer support from Dawn Cavanaugh! Just more confirmation I picked the right long arm manufacturer. Thanks Dawn and thank you APQS. Charlie Cheek Quilts
  5. Just finished a high school graduate's double sided t-shirt quilt on a Lucey. Actually its more than just t-shirts. I put the front of softball jerseys on the front and the backs of these jerseys on the back. I also incorporated 20 photographs printed on Kona cotton. The batting was Quilter's Dream Select. Several of the jerseys had heavy embroidery. Lucey never missed a beat. I actually had professional quilters tell me they wouldn't touch this. Guess they didn't own an APQS!
  6. Cynthia, I'd like to talk to you about your Milli and accessories. What is the best way to contact you? I am in Macon. Thanks, CharlieCheekQuilts