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  1. My observance of other Manitoba longarm quilters: one couple worked hospital good wage, bought longarm went to tradeshows in beg. then, travelled to small country towns catering to the customer. She goes to customer.. Another quilter lives in small space, industrial apartment bldg., longarm takes over her living room/kitchen, customers come to her.. She introduced her skill through the guild connection, been doing this for long time. Met a lot of people. She must be retiring with a good saving. Some quilt shops rent time on their machine, that I would be very careful for the damage of machine. Others have tried and failed.. Your either with the in crowd or not.. Wpg is a very difficult place to to business with longarm, if you succeed your very smart in marketing skill.
  2. Newbie from Manitoba, Canada- started quilting in 1985 for utility purposes, since collected many gadgets & tools. Quilting has progressed through the years, making available much learning tools for anyone taking on this skill/hobby. I belong to MPQ quild in Wpg, Missouri quilt star, Eleanor burns, connecting threads, and quilting board all very wonderful sites. Winter's can be long and very cold in Wpg quilting is a real therapy. I donate many baby quilts to needy. :rolleyes:1234512345