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  1. Hey Connie! I too transplanted from California to Spokane 10 years ago! Welcome! We have certainly gotten more snow this year than the last 8. Our second year here they had the most snow they had ever had. So this year doesn't seem too bad. I know that we are all ready for it to stop!!! But supposed to get 2-3 inches tonight and another 2-3 tomorrow :(. It is beautiful though. Again Welcome!
  2. I just finished this. Started off with a 4.0 but changed to 3.5. It worked much better with the 3.5. No tension issues! It looks great. Thanks for all of your suggestions.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I did tell the customer that I couldn't guarantee what the back would look like. She said that she was game if I was.
  4. I have a quilt to quilt that has batik fabric on top and bottom. Using So Fine thread. What size needle do I use? I will also be using Quilt Path. Any suggestions on how to keep good tension ?
  5. You can get a Square card reader. It was free I'm not sure if it still is, there's also one that ties in with QuickBooks by Intuit. You can also let your customer know that there will be 3 to 5%, whatever it is that the company charges you, added onto the cost of the product, that way you don't incur those charges. Most people don't have a problem with that. In most cases you increase your sales that way if they can use their credit card.
  6. Those of you who use wool batting, it says it's washable, but says to dry flat. Have any of you put it in the dryer? What kind of results have you gotten?
  7. The Buggy Barn is going out of business. Check out their website or deals.
  8. I too want to know the answer to this question. My worst fear is not being able to give the customer what they want.
  9. I am interested. I sent you an email yesterday
  10. Could you use the magnetic bars instead of pins or red snappers to load your quilt backing?
  11. Hi, I just recently got my new Millie and I need to get an extended base so I can do ruler work. My Millie has the thread cutter so I need to find one that fits. Does anyone want to sell theirs? Thanks, Shelly
  12. Bringing this back up to the top. Reducing the price to $11,500. It has the computer all set up. Email me at LilacCityQuilting@yahoo.com if you are interested. I am in Spokane WA.
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