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  1. Thanks so much for helping! I really appreciate it, makes my decision much easier!
  2. Thinking about upgrading to Bliss Track System from the wheel rail system on Millie. Wondering if the Bliss Track will make Millie glide a lot smoother.
  3. Wondering if anyone can tell me if upgrading from the Rail system with wheels to the Bliss Track will really make things run a lot smoother.  Been practicing feathers (with paper and pencil first) and then on Millie.  Not satisfied yet but will keep practicing...husband says I'm too picky.  Thought perhaps Bliss would make her glide easier.  See videos of quilters with one hand on the  quilt top while guiding the machine with the other hand.  Not the case here!!  But would be nice sometimes to be able to do this, though.  Thought maybe Bliss was the secret??

  4. Do you still have your machine for sale? I have an old Gammill and would like to upgrade a bit.
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